Destroy Eye Shape Glasses, Symbols and Save Trico: The Last Guardian Part 5 Walkthrough

In Part 5, the boy moves ahead with Trico in much deeper part of the ruins, he found that the eye shape glasses around resists Trico from moving ahead, so he has to find a way to destroy them.

Destroy Eye Shape Glasses, Symbols and Save Trico: The Last Guardian Part 5 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian Part 5 Walkthrough: Destroy Eye Shape Glasses and Symbols, Save Trico

Break the eye shape glasses:

Pass the door and keep calling Trico. A barrel is near the door, through it to entice him in the room. Climb Trico and jump on the upper platform ahead. Trico will follow you. You will reach two glasses with eye shape on it. Trico won’t pass them, you have to break it by picking up stones from the left debris.

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Now climb Trico, and jump on the roof logs with leaves over it. You have to go towards the left side. Then jump down on a small stone column and finally at the downside to reach below.

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Destroy the eye glass structure:

Go straight ahead and you will see a structure with eye shape glass on it. Take the stairs down and push it on the tracks. It will fall down. Call Trico, and jump when he is watching you.

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After Trico saves the boy move ahead and you have to destroy the second one that is ahead, or else Trico won’t move. Go behind it and push it ahead. Run towards the stone column and call Trico. Jump towards him.

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Save Trico from Falling:

In the next cut scene Trico jumps ahead and is stuck on a platform, jump ahead and pick the pot blocking the path of round wooden log, and throw it way. The log will shift ahead a bit and Trico will use that to climb up. Instantly hold Trico, before the platform falls, he will jump on a higher level above.


Destroy Eye Symbol 1:

Move ahead towards debris take right and then finally at the left you will enter into an area with few guards and symbol in the center of the room. Trico won’t help you here as he feared the symbol. The job is to first destroy it, the guards will attack on you, so try running around or stay behind Trico. There is a chain at the left side of room. Skipping the guard run ahead and climb up. Take the chain and swing ahead to reach the symbol. Push it to destroy it.

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Pet Trico to calm him down and in the room you can find one barrel at the top side, you can feed him that. Use Trico to jump on the broken rails that leads to outside in a narrow path, the track divides into to paths, take first left to get the lever that will open the locked door.

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Destroy Eye Symbol 2:

Call Trico outside, there is another eye symbol that you have to destroy. Climb Trico and command him to take on the upper level of a broken bridge on the left. Feed him the barrels and then move ahead towards the symbol. Take left and jump over the next platform in air.

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Then jump on the cage ahead. Catch the chain ahead, and jump for another platform. Now reach a chain and finally land on the thin wooden log that is suspended in the air. Stand on the edge, as the opposite rises, run and jump ahead to catch the hanging structure.

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Climb up on the symbol and jump on the opposite platform. Then climb the chains and walk through narrow iron rod toward the next one. Keep moving on top side finally when you reach tracks. Push the liver to destroy the symbol.

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Hold Trico:

Call Trico and jump over him. Then jump over the next column ahead one by one, till you reach a wooden platform on the left. Jump on it and push the symbol damaged structured below. Call Trico and hold him as the wooden plan will break and fall.


Next Trico jumps over different columns finally he is stuck at one place. From back of Trico, jump on the wall ahead and use the edges, to climb up and then move on the left side. At the end climb up and finally you will reach at a broken gallery.

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Open the Gate on Wall to help Trico:

After entering the passage from the wall, take left and then use the stairs to go up. There is a guard in the way, just before reaching the guard there is a way on the right side, jump. Pull the first lever inside to open the Iron Gate at the end. Jump back on the stairs and then run right to reach the Iron Gate at the end. There are more guards in the broken gallery. Then take left from the end and right to move upwards. Again jump to the right and you will find second lever.

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No jump back on the stairs and run left to the second room by skipping the guard in between. When you are out, use the wood platform on the left side. Follow the paths carefully and jump to catch an iron rod. The platform will break and Trico will jump to save you. He will grasp the door, Jump over him and enter the door.

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Save Trico from falling:

Then from inside pull the lever on the right side just next to a ladder. The door will open up completely. Go inside and take a left turn, you will see three columns at the end it will take you to an open ground. At the end a door is blocked by trolley. You can pass through the left side. Push it from inside till the end, climb it up and then on the right pull the lever to open the door. Keep it holding, call Trico and then leave it.

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Destroy Eye Symbol 3:

Once Trico enters, command his to move ahead by passing from the dark area at the left of the room. Stay with Trico and command him to move ahead. Finally in the end, Trico reaches the door, he opens up. Command him to jump ahead. Trico will not due to the eye symbol.


Use Trico’s tail to come down and enter the small passage in the tower. Come down toward the rope, walk on it to reach the other end of the tower.

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Once you reach the platform, use the leaves on the wall to climb up. And take route on back of tower to reach another rope. Walk the rope to other side, use the plants on the wall to climb. The rope will break in between, but the boy catches it and then climbs up. Finally another rope that will take you above the platform where the shape hangs. Just reach the iron and push the shape down so that Trico can move ahead.

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Destroy Eye Symbol 4:

Get down slowly toward Trico, using the rod platform. Climb on Trico and he slowly walks on the top of tower, but there is another eye symbol in the area, so he won’t move. Get down, follow the stairs and then use the thin edges on the wall to move ahead.

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Keep moving ahead and finally you will reach a wooden plank, use the liver and push it back, then jump down towards Trico after it falls. Move with him on the upper side.

Suddenly the tower falls, and Trico encounters one of his kind. We will end Part 5 here, you can continue to the next Part 6: Destroy Green Smoke Pots, Waterfall, Find Levers or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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