Destroy Green Smoke Pots,Waterfall, Find Levers : The Last Guardian Part 6 Walkthrough

In the last cut scene we had seen that Trico and the boy falls back down to an old place after being attacked by another beast. The chapter now moves forward following the linear gameplay.

Destroy Green Smoke Pots, Find Waterfall Levers : The Last Guardian Part 6 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian Part 6 Walkthrough: Destroy Green Smoke Pots, Waterfall, Find Levers

Call Trico to get free from Tree:

After the cut scene, the boy gets stuck on a tree. Call Trico and he will jump towards the window on right side, hold his tail and climb up and then reach finally to the ground. It’s the same old place where we had started in our later parts. There is a barrel ahead, in a small opening through a broken wall. Taking it out is a tricky part. Carry the barrel towards the top. You have to throw it across different places to finally reach the stairs that take you ahead and then throw it towards Trico.

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After feeding him, reach Trico to climb on him and climb up. There is a broken roof, and outside there is another platform. Keep commanding Trico to move ahead. You will see few soldiers with eye symbol are stopping Trico.


Use Trico’s tail to get down and jump right. Move ahead and jump right. Then use the edges on wall to move more towards the right.

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Keep moving until you reach a platform, jump over it till the end of wall and take left. Jump ahead on the wall, and move up. Following the platform enter through one window. There are few guards in it. As Trico cannot move, you have to deal with them on your own.

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Run straight, and take the stairs to the left. Then again take left and push the guards holding the symbol. Once the symbol falls on the ground push it otherwise the guard will pick it. You will be able to do this in few tries. In between the guards will keep on attacking you also, so run around and let them chase you. Once they are far, run back to the guard who are holding the symbol and push them.


Now walk towards the door that has a broken iron bars. On the right there is a barrel. Pet Trico first and then feed him the barrel. Later go down from stairs, take right and another right. Call Trico. Climb on him and jump on the left window. Call Trico there and command him to follow the columns to reach an open entrance at top.


Destroy Pots filled with Green Smoke:

After entering you will see the place is filled with green smoke, this smoke will entice Trico and he won’t move ahead. To open the door, walk a bit backward and check the right, there is a small ladder that will take you to the lever, pull it and the door opens up. Hold till Trico passes and then move ahead.


Enter another locked door, the floor is broken, jump towards the wooden log, you can reach it by edges on the wall. Jump toward Trico down. Pull the huge pot ahead a bit, then climb on Trico and jump toward left to reach the lever. Pull it and till shift the rail tracks to the left. Again start pushing the pot tills the end.


Keep pushing it, and finally the boy seems to be fallen into a lower level in water. At the left there is a huge wooden box. Push it in the water. And then jump and take the box near the end of a wooden column. Call Trico, hold his tail and climb up again.


Command Trico to climb to higher level of ruins:

Climb Trico and he will move ahead on the higher part of ruins. Command him were you finally land onto a floor with few soldiers. Trico will take them down. Pass the broken door and move two wooden boxes near the door. Throw the barrel toward Trico to feed him.

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Command Trico towards an opening on the wall just above three windows. Go left by sticking to the edges and then come down.

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Next move ahead till you reach the broken roof. Slowly jump down, there are few soldiers in the area, keep moving toward the backside till you reach at the door and when Trico saws the soldier attacking you he will break the door. The path will fall, you have to run ahead straight.


Stop two guards from blocking Trico’s path by destroying symbol:

Command Trico , to jump toward the left of hill. Once you reach their move ahead and get inside the tower. As you move inside you will see a guard is trying to stop Trico. Push the guard, the glass symbol will fall the ground and Trico will break it. Now keep running around unless Trico kill all of them. After the fight you can feed a barrel by searching on the upper part of the ground. Jump on edge of wall and climb up, run around and you will find the end side. Remove the spears from his body. Then climb Trico and command him to turn the gear on wall for opening up the doors.

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Ask Trico for a push:

After the door opens up from the first one from left pull out an iron cart, place it at the center just above the cylindrical roof on the top. Then climb on second edge and issue command to Trico for a push.

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Climb up and there are two levers. Pull them one by one. It will open up an iron doors. In one door you will see exit to outside. Go out and call Trico. There is another exit in the room that will take you to a broken gallery.

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Reach the Waterfall:

Take the roofs on the left and move to another platform with closed doors. Call Trico and jump toward the right where you can see a waterfall. Go inside you will find at the end on the right side. Feed that to Trico.


Next climb on Trico and command him to jump on the right top side. There is an open passage in the wall and next jump into the water below.


Find Lever 1 through diving into water:

Swim toward the iron door and dive into water to find a passage beneath. Swim up back and use the ladder to climb up. Pull the lever to open the door. Then call Trico he will jump in the water. Climb on his and command him to dive inside a passage at the extreme bottom that leads to another room through a cave.


Find Lever 2 through diving into water:

This room also has an iron door, the puzzle is same, dive below to find the passage and pull the liver down. Now the ladder is broken so call Trico and he will jump in water creating a huge wave that will push on the top near the liver. Pull the liver and door will open.

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Get back to Trico and dive deep into the water for another passage. But this time the boy fells unconscious. Here we end Chapter 6, you can continue to the next Part 7: Find Trico, Escape Beast and Unlock Cage, Door or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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