Find and Feed Trico, Escape Beast, Unlock Cage and Door : The Last Guardian Part 7 Walkthrough

In the last part, the boy was with Trico both dived deep into the water and while passing the hidden passage the boy fell unconscious. Trico was nowhere. Trico locates the boy back again and they make their way finally to an antenna room, where one more time Trico eats the boy. The end cut scene reveals what really happened in the start when both were locked in an unknown place.

Find and Feed Trico, Escape Beast, Unlock Cage and Door : The Last Guardian Part 7 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian Part 7 Walkthrough: Find and Feed Trico, Escape Beast, Unlock Cage and Door

Find Trico in a huge cave:

Take right towards a short cave and get out to another area and stand on the markings on the ground. A cage will appear on the top which will take the boy to upper level. Some kind of ancient lift.


Take left towards iron railing and walk over it, and jump on the right broken stairs. Go straight ahead and then take right. Keep moving ahead and climb the blocks above broken pots. Now take the plants on the wall of cave and climb to upper area.

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After passing up the plants see the chain on the right side. Climb it and then again use the plants ahead to reach on much higher part of the cave. Finally you will see Trico’s tail. Use the tail and jump to right. Go up and finally the boy finds the beast is not Trico.

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It’s the same one that attacked them before. Walk through the narrow branch and then climb up through the thick steam ahead. The beast will try to attack the boy. Keep moving up. There is a rope on the top. Use the same to reach on the opposite wall. Take the plants and move left. Keep moving left until you find a small wooden path.

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Jump on it and then again take the plants towards left you will see a small empty space, jump on it and enter the small cave in it to reach between the mountains. Jump ahead again and then climb up more to reach another passage.

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Save yourself from the beast:

Take the stairs and come down, and at the left you can see rocks. Climb them, the beast will try to attack the boy. You can jump over his face to pass onto the next rock. Just stand near the window and the beast will push his face from the tiny window to attack. Jump over his head.

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Through the hole in the wall jump on the chain and climb up. As you reach up, go further up to another small window ahead. Take the second entrance and enter into a cage ahead. Before moving up the beast will attack the cage which falls down. Wait for the beast to leave.

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Find a way to unlock the Cage Lift:

As the boy struggles to find a way out of cage, he found no way. Keep calling Trico and after few times he will enter the cave. Command Trico to push the cage on the left of cave. Over the wood platform.


You will need to try a few times to finally reach over the wooden path that will break and the cage will fall down with the boy. Try to roll it over it. Once the cage falls down roll it towards front side. It will fall further down. Do the same thing. Roll it in front direction and finally land into the area with another cage. Take the cage to the second marking to open it.

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Feed Trico:

To feed Trico pickup a stone from the cage where you were locked and go one level down through first life. Take it near to the guard, there is a barrel behind him. Take that barrel and run toward the lift. It will be a tough job as the guard is pain, push him and through the barrel on the lift area. The guard will not climb the upper ground of life, you can chase him far from the barrel, through it on the lift ground, and then carry it up.

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After feeding Trico, climb on him and jump toward the huge stairs behind. Then command to move toward to the right side. He will jump over small columns in the cave. Then jump another platform straight ahead on top side.

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Command Trico to get outside:

Now command him to move left and finally you will reach the place where you had first encountered the beast. Take the passage from where Trico has entered the place when you were locked in a cage. A small hole in the cave wall. Command him to move on upper parts and finally you will enter to an open ground outside.


Jump down and take left towards the waterfall. Trico will follow. Climb him and then command him to move on left platform ahead. Then jump again at front left on the mountain. Finally turn around and jump above another platform. Now take the opposite side.

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Unlock the door for Trico:

There is a locked door where Trico stands. Move ahead following a thin edge on the wall, and keep moving towards left side. You can climb up on a thin wooden platform to move further. Finally you will reach the area, keep moving left to the main entrance. The lever is just behind the door at left side.

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Once Trico enters, go straight ahead and take left toward the torched room. Keep moving ahead and you will enter into a place with round hall. When you jump down there will be guards. Call Trico. Similar to a part before we played this is a kind of Antenna Room. Trico will again eat the boy.

Trico goes mad at the end and he eats the boy. This triggered a cut scene that shows the starting story how the beast and boy finally land into captivity. Here we end Part 7, you can continue to the next Part 8: Escaping The Nest, Fighting Another Beast or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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