Escaping The Nest, Fighting Another Beast : The Last Guardian Part 8 Walkthrough

In the last cut scene we saw what really happened with the boy, he was eaten by the beast and later attacked by the villagers, after a lightning strike he lost his wings and falls in the fort. The guards push him much deeper and he expels the kid out of his stomach. Later Trico and the boy moves ahead to escape the Nest. Trico fights with another beast and gets badly injured.

Escaping The Nest, Fighting Another Beast : The Last Guardian Part 8 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian Part 8 Walkthrough: 

The game begins after the boy gains consciousness when Trico puts him in water. The narrator reveals the valley where the boy is stuck, known as the Nest. The only way to escape is by air. Now go back to the same room where Trico eats the boy. Take left from where Trico leaves you. There is a locked iron door just opposite. Call Trico there. Just above the door there is a small entrance.


Go down and pull the lever that is just behind the door, then move towards a small tunnel ahead. Keep moving and call Trico. He will try to enter it, it’s a small space, but Trico will try to squeeze through the tunnel, somehow he will make it. Climb on his head there is a small passage on the left side.

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After passing into the hole there is a door locked at the back. Open it and then call Trico once again. Walk straight ahead and then call Trico. Use the liver to open the locked entrance and he will try making his way out, cave will eventually falls.

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Crawl through the area, go straight ahead, pass Trico and climb up over his body. Then move ahead toward a huge exit. As you reach at the end there will be few guards who will attack you. Call Trico for help.


After Trico is done with the guards, command him to move forward towards the bridge. The path is not straight. First jump on the column ahead then jump on the left one. Then finally jump on the thin wooden bridge.


As the bridge falls, Trico runs ahead finally at the end there are two eye shape symbol. You have to destroy them. Jump down and then jump a level lower. Then using the wooden blocks move ahead, when you reach at the end, use the wall edges to move right. You will need to travel quiet a long distance. Keep moving in the right direction.


At the end when you reach in between the stairs go up and keep running toward the bridge where Trico is standing. Push both the symbol to the left down and there will be huge bunch of guards coming up. This triggers a scene where Trico avoids the symbols and attack them all, and saves the boy.


Climb on the platform right where Trico is stuck and pull the lever at the end. This opens up the door ahead that will help Trico to climb in the tower. But he won’t be able to make it and falls down. Jump on the broken log and then down towards Trico, catch his Tail.


Now again jump back on the right platform and then pull the lever to open the door in the right side. Finally Trico will be able to make it, jump towards him and he will catch you.


Take the stairs up in the tower where Trico pulls you, command him to jump ahead, on broken rocky paths. On the right side there is a tower, move there and follow the roof path towards right. Then move left and jump ahead. There is a small window, jump inside.

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Get down and there will be a guard, Trico will follow you. Now move towards eye symbol and push the same ahead till the end and then pull the lever at the back right side.


Soon the boy will be attacked by another beast and Trico will counter attack him. To help Trico pull the lever back again, that will shift the platform down. Trico will fall with the beast. Jump over it and then pull the beast tail inside a door on the right. Drag the lever down.


Jump again over Trico below, and you will land on the beast head. Take the chain up, go behind the trolley and push it down. The beast will run away. Reach Trico and remove all spears from him. You will also find the mirror.


Target the mirror on the fallen Trolley. Just behind that there are two barrels, feed them to Trico. Now move to the right corner, there is a chain for the upper level. Climb the rocks to reach the chain. Go up and use the mirror to destroy the debris. There is one more barrels in the area. Take the barrel near Tricos mouth.


Finally Trico is resting after eating, he is badly injured and for the night the boy takes a break. Here we end Part 8, you can continue to the next Part 9: The Ending or you can also check out The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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