Final Escape from White Tower and The Ending : The Last Guardian Part 9 Walkthrough

In the previous part, the boy and the beast were resting after Trico was badly injured. This is the last part where finally Trico and boy makes their way to freedom, but after extreme struggle and pain. Trico gets badly injured still he never gives up on the boy.

The Ending: The Last Guardian Part 9 Walkthrough

The Last Guardian Part 9 Walkthrough: Final Escape from the White Tower and The Ending

Escaping the Ruins:

Climb Trico, the objective is climb back top on the upper levels. First take the window, then turn and command Trico to jump on platform ahead. There is a window where a guard will be constantly attacking Trico with spear. Use the mirror to take down the guard. Trico will jump ahead on another platform and face one more guard, use the mirror.

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After reaching a slant wooden platform, towards the opposite side there is a blocked entrance, use mirror. Trico will jump ahead once it is open. Get down and take right. It will lead you to the same antenna room where Trico use to get mad and eats the boy. Use the mirror to destroy the signal.

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Later call Trico out, command him to climb up on the tower roof you came out. There are eye symbols around and he won’t move unless they are destroyed. Keep moving up, finally Trico will stand on a column and then jumps ahead in a narrow path.

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Destroy Eye Symbol:

Jump down, before Trico turns back, due to eye symbol he will not move forward. Move a bit ahead, call Trico first and then point the mirror to destroy the symbol. You can destroy two at the right and one at the left.

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Now jump ahead at the front column, then second one and then turn left for a small passage. Walk ahead and then point the mirror on another eye symbol at the right side.

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There is one more on the left of tower. Climb Trico and he will jump on the left side, place where you had destroyed the mirror. The aim is to reach on top of the tower. Finally Trico will stop on the platform with Iron Gate. The lever to open is at the backside. Jump ahead, and run towards the backside of tower, pull the lever and open the gate.

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Now call Trico and run towards the right side and point the mirror at the symbol on right top. Move with Trico on the tower ahead. It is a long jump, so stay with Trico, he is going to move back a hit and then run straight ahead. Inside the tower, pull the lever to open the front iron gate. Call Trico and climb above the tower from the right side.


At the front tower, there are two guards on the top side. Trico takes it as threat and won’t move ahead. Use the mirror to destroy them on the left and right window. Once they are down, climb Trico and move ahead on the next tower. Pull the lever inside the tower to open the gate.


Follow the similar pattern, command Trico to move on the right side of tower, towards roof. There is a guard in the gallery behind. Use the mirror. Move further up and finally you will reach another room with Iron Gate at the back. Pass through the gate there is no lever inside and take stairs to the top on left side. Keep moving finally you reach a small entrance, pull the lever down. It will open up a metal bridge. Get back to Trico.

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In the broke tower jump down and take the left rocks to reach on the top. The stairs are broken ahead, at the end there is a small hole in the wall. Enter in that and climb on the right side to reach the lever. Get back to Trico.


The Nest White Tower:

It will be a pretty huge jump for Trico. He will try to fly towards the white tower ahead. There are lots of guards at the entrance. Let Trico handle them, later remove all the spears from his body. After Trico finishes the guards on ground there are three galleries on top. Point the mirror to take them down.


Climb Trico, go on top and collect a barren from the second one. Feed that to Trico. Now take the right side of the tower and keep moving. Call Trico so that he can follow you. Finally place the mirror on a small icy panel just before the gate to open it. Get inside and take left. Following the tunnel you will reach to a lift at the right side.


Activate Ancient Lift:

Call Trico inside, now take his tail and put it in one of the open holes on the floor. Get down, jump towards the right side. Move around and remove the rock head from one of the holes in wall. When you took near the guards, they come alive and attack you. Do this one by one, take the first head and put it near the guard. Go outside, and flash the mirror on him, Trico’s tail is hanging so it will destroy it.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-22 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-23

Use this to destroy all the guards and then place the mirrors on the wall panels one by one. This will open the ceiling. Get back to Trico and finally activate the lift.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-24 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-25

More guards will attack on the top floor. Trico will deal with them. A guard will hold the symbol to stop Trico, push him. Use the mirror to take down guards on the upper level. After long fight, flash the mirror on the top center of ceiling.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-26 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-27

Get down and there is a small entrance in the column. Get in that, it will go up and Trico follows. Command Trico to further up jumping on thin platforms. It’s a huge fan.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-28 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-29

Get down and use the small hole in the wall and you will reach on the other side of the circle shape structure. After coming on the other side, you will see a shiny circle shape object covered with black matter. Point the mirror at him and the matter will solidify to a blue cage.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-30 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-31

Stop the Evil Force:

Climb to the top side, before it attacks you, jump on revolving blue grills to reach on top finally to reach above level where you can see the fan spinning at high speed.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-32 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-33

Jump on the spinning platform and place the mirror on the platform panel to stop the fan so that Trico on the other end can come above. Once the fan stops call Trico.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-34 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-35

Climb the panel and then take the iron platform ahead before the fan takes speed. Climb up and meet Trico on the right to initiate a cut scene where the tower calls up more beast, Trico and the boy is attacked.

the-last-guardian-part-9-image-36 the-last-guardian-part-9-image-37

Try escaping a few and run towards the mirror. But as the boy is tossed by one of the beast he gets hold of another one. Trico is brutally injured and his tail is torn apart. Get back into the tower and throw his tail down to the main chamber. Jump down and point the mirror on the circle. Keep shooting.


Once it is destroyed all the other beast stops attacking Trico. Later the cutscene reveals how the destruction of power removes control from all the beast. They fall back and only Trico is able to fly. The boy is unconscious and Trico takes him back to the village, where the boy tells the beast to leave. Watch the final cut scene that reveals a tragic ending. So this was the end of The Last Guardian, checkout The Last Guardian Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.

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