How to gather Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go from Generation 2 Eggs

The latest updates by Niantic brings new Holiday theme Pikachu and introduced new Pokemons through Generation eggs in the form of Baby that will evolve with time. So in this short guide we will show you how you can actually get them. Remember the new generation Pokemon will not evolve from the old eggs, you will need the new one. There would be hundreds in coming up but a few are discovered yet. We had covered them in this article. 

Baby Pokemon in Generation 2 Eggs

Locating Baby Pokemon:

  1. Try to search in 2 km and 10 km eggs. You can get around 7 new pokemons through this. 
  2. Togepi hatches from a 2 km egg and can evolve to Togetic. 
  3. Pichu hatches from 2 km egg. 
  4. Baby Cleffa hatches from 2km egg and evolve into Clefairy.
  5. Lagglybuff hatches from 2 km egg and evolve into Jigglypuff. 
  6. Elekid hatches from 10 km egg and evolves into Electabuzz.
  7. Magby hatches from 10 km egg and evolve into Magmar. 
  8. Smoochum hatches from 10 km egg and evolves into Jynx.

Feed 25 candies to Cleffa and 25 candies to Lgglybuff to evolve them to Clefairy and Jigglypuff. Pichu and Togepi can also hatch from 5km Eggs, depends on different players. To evolve them you can use 25 candies on Pichu and 50 for Togepi. For 10km egg pokemon like Elekid, Magby and Smoochum you need to feed 25 candies to evolve them.  

The ratio of new Pokemon release is slow. A few players might have got it soon, but for ample of trainers there will be lot of new updates coming up every day till the list complete. 

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