How To Play Using Family Sharing On Multiple iOS Devices - Super Mario Run

In the Super Mario Run, you can play game as a single player or you can play the game along with your family. There is a special feature available in the game, by using which you can play the game with your family members using multiple iOS devices. The following guide consists the information regarding how to play with family members on multiple iOS devices.

Family Share Feature - Super Mario Run

How to Play the game using Family Share feature:

Step 1:
In order to use the family share feature, you need to unlock the game using in-game app so that players can install the full game in multiple devices and compete against each other in the Toad Rally mode.

Step 2:
In order to make the feature work, first login to your iTunes account, install the game from App store. Open the app and login to you My Nintendo account.

Step 3:
While connecting sync it with other accounts and complete the tutorial game. Now go to the Menu screen then go to the in-app purchase store.

Step 4:
Purchase the multiplayer option through your iTunes account that costs $9.99 to get the game and multiplayer mode using My Nintendo account.

Step 5:
Now repeat the same process for other devices using different My Nintendo account. When you come across the purchasing multiplayer mode option, you will get a message like "You already bought this, do you want to get it for free?".

Step 6:
Choose YES to continue and get full version of game in multiple devices to play the game in Multiplayer mode.

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