No Sound Issue and Fix - Super Mario Run

In the Super Mario Run, there are many problems reported ever since the game launched. One of those problems is the No sound issue, when players in the Kingdom of Princess Peach, they are not getting any music or audio while playing the game. The following guide consists the information regarding the No sound issue fix in the game.

No Sound Issue Fix - Super Mario Run

How to Fix No Sound Issues:

The Super Mario Run is best known right now and liked by many players. However, there are still some problems to fix. In the middle of the game, players couldn’t hear any audio or sound effects which are kind of disappointing for players but there is no problem in playing the game apart from the sound issue.

Players tried to switch off and on the mobile, uninstalled and reinstalled the game but problem is still being persistent. According to the Wojdyl Social Media, only the older versions of iOS devices are facing such issues, where latest model like iPhone 7 is not showing any problems as such.

There seem to be no solution regarding No sound issue yet so we have to wait for the update from the Nintendo to get a fix for No sound issue.

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