Super Mario Run - How To Run On Jailbroken iOS Devices, Error Codes and Crash Issues

The Super Mario Run game is released for iOS devices and yet to launch for Androids in 2017. There are many players reporting the issues regarding the game and one of them is, the players of iPhone and iPod, which are using jailbroken iOS devices are getting error codes and crash issues for the game. The following guide shows the information regarding the error codes and crash issues in the jailbroken iOS devices.

Super Mario Run On Jailbreak iOS

Error Codes, Crash, and Issue with Jailbroken iOS Devices:

The Super Mario Run is showing many error codes and crash issues since the launch. The game is showing some errors codes between 804-0000 and 804-9999 which resists players from playing the game afterwards and also some other error codes are reported.

The Prima Games reported that users are getting errors while downloading the game from Apple Store. You can manage the issue by closing and launching the app again but if still getting the problem then you can get help with “Having Trouble” message.

Some users have reported error codes and crash issues of the game. Nintendo looked into it and declared that players using jailbroken iPhones and iPads are facing such issues. As for now, there is no solution seems to be released so jailbroken iOS devices can't run Super Mario Run game.

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