How To Have Google Play Running On Xbox One

The only way to listen to music in the background on Xbox One is to use Microsoft's Groove service, but what about using Google Play in order to have your tunes exactly organized on it, with your playlist and stuff? Here's a way for you to have Google Play playing on Xbox One, then, even tough it is unofficial.

How to run Google Play On Xbox One

Step 1: Install BubbleUPNP onto your Android device.

Step 2: For Library, choose Cloud, then Google Music and allow it to sync.

Step 3: Install VLC Media Player on Xbox One. Download Link here.

Step 4: Open VLC, choose "Browse" and choose BubbleUPNP. Select Google Music, and begin playing your music.

Step 5: Open your game and enjoy! ... Until, at least, Google releases an official Google Play app for Xbox One!

Let us know in the comment section below if you guys have any issue with the steps mentioned above.


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