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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard  is the latest edition in survival horror series, the game starts with a short video call by Ethan’s wife Mia Baker who is missing from last 3 years. She contacts from an abandoned farm house that belongs to the mysterious Baker family. Ethan thinks this to be a prank, but finally decides to find her. The house is the actual ground where the game happens. The aim is to escape the house by fighting up various characters who turns to be really tough to kill.

Resident Evil 7 Wiki: All Collectibles Location, Tips And Tricks

There are ample of hints, clues in the house scattered around. You can examine the photographs, pictures, lists, papers, etc to get clue about what to do next. There is a inventory section, where you can collect important tools that will be later used in the game for opening up doors, etc. Weapons appear at the later stage.

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