Nier: Automata: Defeating Level 99 Boss Emil

Defeat Emil

Emil is a level 99 boss in the game. The quest is hidden, you can complete the game without playing it, but if you want to checkout the mos challenging opponent then Emil is the one you must search. In the main story 2B campaign ends with the death of Eve, followed by certain alternative endings if you keep on playing.

Defeat Emil

Emil instead is hidden, you need to first trigger its quest, and then the next will be fighting him out. Remember it is a Level 99 boss, if you are on low level, then it will be impossible to defeat him. So it is recommended to be at-least on level 65 or high.

Where to find Emil?

Emil is secret boss in the game. In some story line he will appear as a salesman. To fight first you need to trigger its quest. The final out come will be a boss fight in the end. Also do not forget to upgrade your weapons at highest point. After defeating Emil you will get a Naughty Children Gold Trophy. You also get chance to play a Lunar Tear Quest while interacting with Emil.

To find Emil first visit his house. It is located in the City Ruins: Center Crater. Look for a huge sewer pipe, jump down and take the elevator to reach his house.
One important thing, unless you had completed Lunar Tears, Emil’s house will remain locked.

How to trigger Emil Boss Fight?

  1. Enter the house and there will be a lot of Emil faces, just pick one mask that is kept on the display ahead.
  2. Find Emil next and talk to him, you can locate him around the Desert Zone in a shop. Once you come out Emil will tell you about a robbery at his house.
  3. Go back to the house once again. This time 9S will be with you. Look for a treasure chest in it and hack the same to take what is inside.
  4. As you try to leave the house, Emil will appear and this will trigger the secret boss fight in the game.

How to defeat Emil?

Being a Level 99 boss, it takes a pretty long time to defeat this one. Also you need all upgraded weapons here. The only way to take him down is keep on shooting on the head. Emil will charge with various attacks, so dodging those will help you to survive for longer time. Your character level matters here, the higher your level, the stronger your attacks will be. You can also fight with the boss if you are on 48 or high. But still 65 is good enough to deal with Emil.

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