Mass Effect Andromeda - How To Quick Save During Priority Missions

A lot of Mass Effect Andromeda players want to know about a Quick Save method during the Priority Missions. Sadly, there is no official way to Quick Save during Priority Missions in Mass Effect Andromeda. However, a temporary fix has been discovered by a user on Reddit.

Mass Effect Andromeda Quick Save

According to the details shared by Reddit user TrueMenace: "Be doing a priority mission, switch your active quest objective, save, switch back". The user further adds that this is a temporary fix until Bioware fixes the issue.

There is no official word yet from Bioware on whether the update in this regard is in development or not. We will update you with more information as soon as we get to hear something from them. So stay tuned. Do check out our Mass Effect Andromeda PC Error guide detailing fix for some of the known issues in the game: crash or black screen at start-up, improve FPS performance on low-end PC, and many others.

Source: Reddit

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