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Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki

Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest action role-playing game that takes you in a distinctive Andromeda galaxy to establish and locate new habitat for the human race. The game offers you a campaign mode where you can choose to play as Ryder Scott or Sarah Scott. There will be minor changes in the game ending or content depending on which character you choose. It begins with a Prolog mission that will tell about the new galaxies, the missions, etc. Later ahead you can customize the character you had selected and played the story section. There are various chapters in the game. we had listed them below one by one with their guide.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki

In Mass Effect Andromeda dialog conversation and cinematic sometimes consume a nice chunk of gameplay. You have ample of various items to locate and use them as upgrades. It offers you to select one from the various classes that will turn your specialty in the campaign. Also if you are interested to know more about the game do check our Mass Effect Andromeda Review.

Andromeda Ryder Scott Campaign Guide:

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 1 Prologue Walkthrough: The first stage when Ryder Scott finally wakes up and finds out the Habitat located is not habitable for human settlement.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 2 Nexus Reunion Walkthrough: The second chapter, where Ryder heads towards Nexus HQ for his next mission.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 3 A Better Beginning Walkthrough: Ryder and his crew lands on EOS and clear the atmospheric radiation, fights aliens and establish an outpost for human settlement.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 4 A Trail of Hope Walkthrough: The Pathfinders move to a new base Onaon and find a new ally who is going to help them out in future to move ahead to fight against the Remnant.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 5 Hunting the Archon Walkthrough: Moving further ahead Ryders locates Archon's ship and hunts for the relic. He also frees a pathfinder ship from Kett's.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 6 H-047c and Elaaden: A New World Walkthrough: These are two small missions, where the pathfinders have to explore two places with a simple quest in it. Refer the Journal for details.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Chapter 7 Journey to Meridian Walkthrough: Pathfinders team finds about the Meridian and also unveils Archons plan about an attack. Finally, all agrees to support Ryder.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda Ending Chapter Meridian: The Way Home Walkthrough: In this final chapter the Pathfinders fight with Archon and get access to the real meridian.

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