Yooka-Laylee: All Pirate Treasure Location Guide

In the Yooka-Laylee, Pirate Treasures are the Collectibles, which can be found scattered in the different worlds of the game. Collecting all five Pirate Treasures pieces will not give any in-game rewards, but you can unlock three achievements/ trophies along with the final tonic: 'Athlete'. The following guide consists the Locations of these Pirate Treasures in the game.

Yooka-Laylee Pirate Treasure

Where To Find Pirate Treasures in Yooka-Laylee:

Tribalstack Tropics:

To find this Pirate Treasure, you need to go to the left of the starter area, which leads to the world’s boss, Rampo. Go around the building where you will find the last set of fire blasters, look for the hole below you can drop down to and find three quills. And now you need jump away from Rampo and around the side to see a structure with space carving out and that is where you will find this Treasure.

Glitterglaze Glacier:

In order find this Pirate Treasure. You need to find the Gloomy Gem Grotto, which is located under water. You need to jump into the water nearby the Trowzer and keep swimming to the right to find the entrance. Enter the area and find the smiley face platform. Here you can use the Flappy Flight to fly high to get to the above room and then you need to go to the huge mountain on top of which you will find the structure with skull, above the Orange monster.

Moodymaze Marsh:

To get to this Pirate Treasure, you need to use the Flappy Flight. When you leave the water, go to the right side to find a building. You need to climb this pumping plant using the Flappy Flight and at the top of the pipes, search on the smokestack to find the skull.

Capital Cashino:

In order to find this Pirate treasure, you need to go to the Head to Capital B’s favorite hot spot and find the entrance to the world. Enter through the Grand Tome, turn around soon after entering and look directly up to find the floating skull above a lamp shade. You can use Flappy Flight to get the Skull or you can also use Dr. Puzz’s Mollycool transformation to get this Pirate Treasure.

Galleon Galaxy:

To get this Pirate Treasure, first, you need to unlock the expansion for the Grand Tome using Pagies. To get inside the Velocity Terminal, you need to find the giant pink moon and enter door located left to the entrance. Now you need to slide down and take left while sliding down. Then use the Flappy Flight to get to the above area. Far above the right end, you will locate the skull over a small globe.

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