All Trowzer Locations in Yooka-Laylee

In the Yooka-Laylee, you will find Trowzer, a snake wearing trouser in the five different worlds to unlock all the skills. This snake is mostly found talking on cell phone, which can sell you new moves in exchange of Quills. The following guide consists the different locations of the Trowzer in the game.

Yooka-Laylee  Trowzer Locations

Where To Find Trowzer in Yooka-Laylee:

Shipwreck Creek:

You will find Trowzer for the first time at the Shipwreck Creek, beside the golden gate that exits out and leading to Hivory Towers. He will ask for 10 Quills to teach you first move, Tail Twirl, which helps you to smash open the pirate chests to find the Quills. Even so, he will ask for Quills, he won’t take any Quills and teaches you the first move for free. And also he asks 5 Quills to tell you about the Pagies but still, he won’t take any Quills from you.

Hivory Towers:

You will find him on the left chatting on his phone near the railing once you enter the Hivory Towers, talk to him to know the location of the Pagie, which is found floating above the huge golden statue of Capital B, return to him after collecting Pagie, in exchange he will teach you Reptile Roll move for free.

Tribalstack Tropics:

When you enter the Tribalstack Tropics, the first world, go to the temple in the center of the map, you will find some ramps which lead to the second floor of Duke’s Temple. You need to use the Reptile Roll to go up these ramps to find Trowzer standing near the pillar. In this first area, you can buy three moves like Sonar Shot, Slurp Shot and Buddy Slam for 30 Quills each.

Glitterglaze Glacier:

You will find Trowzer in the Glitterglaze Glacier, the second world, on the east of the Vendi, near the Hoops Challenge. He will offer Slurp State and Lizard Leap for 40 Quills each this time. Now you need to exit the Glitterglaze Glacier Grand and go back to Hivory Towers to find Trowzer in the Archives section, in the left corner at the back near the arrow. To access the Archive, you can use the Slurp Shot on the Ice Berries growing in Rextro’s Arcade and press the button on the door. This time he will teach you Bubble Walk move.

Moodymaze Marsh:

You will find Trowzer in the Moodymaze March, the third world, nearby the Vendi, where he will teach you Lizard Lash and Sonar Splosion moves for 60 Quills each. Then exit the Moosymash Marsh and go to the Hivory Towers to Capital Cashino to find Trowzer, where he will offer you Camo Cloak for free.

Capital Cashino:

You will find the Trowzer behind the Corplet Statues in the Capital Cashino, the forth world. He will offer Reptile Rush move for 80 Quills. Then exit the world to get back to the entrance to the Capital Cashino Grand Tome area and past the security cameras. You will find him opposite side of the Vendi, nearby toxic gasses and sludge. You will get Flappy Flight move for free from him.

Galleon Galaxy:

You will find Trowzer in the Galleon Galaxy, the fifth world, below the Lighthouse hanging out with Vendi, you can use Flappy Flight to get near the building below the Lighthouse. You will find him at the bottom of the ramp with laser grids. This time he will offer Sonar Shield move for 100 Quills.

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