Persona 5 PS4 October, Sae Nijima's Palace and Casino Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, the Phantom Thieves targets Haru’s father Kunikazu Okumura a businessman who benefits from the death of his competitors. He dies at the time of confession and his murder charge was on Phantom Thieves. In this part, the Phantom Thieves target Sae Nijima on a deal with Goro Akechi, who in the end is the actual culprit behind the arrest of Joker.

Persona 5 Nijima Palace Guide

At the beginning, you will see that Phantom Thieves are accused of death of Kunikazu Okumura’s death. Haru tells the team that Sae Nijima founds a calling card in Shujin Academy’s principal office. The story moves ahead when Goro Akechi enters the group and makes a deal to target Sae Nijima or else he will expose everyone.

Sae Nijima’s Palace A Casino Walkthrough and find the traitor:

20 October Thursday:

Futaba tells the team that the real Medjed is still active. She also tells the team that there is someone behind the Phantom Aficionado site tampering and a code in Medjed is one and the same. There is a plot against the Phantom Thieves group to target them for murder. In the next scene, you will see Sae Nijima tells Makoto about her new assignment on eradicating Phantom Thieves.

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23 October Sunday to 26 Wednesday:

Goro Akechi in School Festival:Makoto decides to invite Goro-Akechi for school festive, and she tells the team to use him as a source of Intel. On the festival, the Phantom Thieves finds that Goro Akechi knows about their true identity. He also tells them about the masked person who in the Meta-verse and attacked him. Akechi, tell the team how Mijima Sae could be a problem if she makes up a case against them. And so she becomes the next target of Phantom Thieves.

28 October Friday:

Akechi visits Phantom Thieves in the coffee shop and in return of not exposing he makes a deal in taking down Sae Nijima. He says he founds her palace and he asks the team to help him in changing her heart.

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29 October Saturday:

Nijima's Palace the Casino:

Personal 6 October Guide

Finally, the Phantom Thieves enters meta verse with Goro Akechi to steal the treasure of Sae Nijima’s palace a Casino. Follow the map, the reach is after the stairs on the right, there is a door before a huge pipe. Follow the roof and head west. Next, follow Shadow Sae. There is a lift on the center of the hall that will ask for a members card in between a shadow appears, fight him. The team returns back.

14 November Monday to 18 November Friday:

Get Security Key Card:Back to Casino, enter the palace, on the south of lift there is a safe house, and first stairs on the left will take you to staff passageway. Keep moving west, till you see stairs and a safe house on the north side. There will be a shadow on the stairs. After defeating it you will get a security key card. Take that and pass the stairs and you will reach a vault. Use the key card to unlock it, inside straight ahead there is an air shaft, use that to enter a monitoring room and defeat the shadow inside, and collect the member card and palace map.

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Reach Members Floor using Elevator to play Dice Game:Go to the elevator in the palace main hall and use the lift to reach members floor. To pass to next objective you will need to make 50,000 coins by playing the dice game. Follow the gray arrow on the map in the east side, it will take you to the Dice Game. Use the third eye to locate hidden items that will give you some coins. There is a gift box at the entrance. Enter the Dice Game and click examine. For the next four turns choose Between 11 to 18 to win. Next are slot machines. It is outside the Dice Game Area, you have to go Members Floor Lobby, follow the gray arrow straight on the opposite. It will take you to the slot room. fight the shadow in the area. Next, refer the below map to reach further inside the room to locate the terminals.

Personal 6 October Guide Personal 6 October Guide

Stop Cheating:Next, take the entrance on the extreme west to enter another part of slot room. check the second image above a tiny map on the right side shows the direction you need to go. After dealing with shadows inside go to the big slot machine. After discussion to stop cheating, go to the exclamation mark on the map that is behind the slot machine, you will have to climb a wall and it will give access to a terminal. For the next objective, you have to head back to the tiny terminals that are listed as a yellow mark on the first image above. Futaba will have to disable all of them before moving ahead. go to the panels one by one, there is another area on the map you can search to locate the read terminal on the wall. Check the red square on the image above. Finally go back to the main slot machine. Go to the exchange and trade the items and then head to the elevator and go to Managers floor.

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The Manager's Floor:Phantom Thieves found to access the manager's floor they will need to enter the courtroom first in the real world. Using the quick travel point choose member floor. Go to the elevator and reach the high limit floor. At the reception, you will get some coins and maps. The objective is to make 100,000 coins and finish the maze. Check the below map for these two objectives. House of Darkness is a maze on the left side of the map, you need to solve it and you will get 10 times what fee you pay to enter. Use the third eye to find foot prints. After solving the maze you will see the shadow that you saw at the reception he will hide behind a wall of cards. To reach him you will need to find the terminal, use the below image reference of location.

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Bridge of Judgement:After solving the maze you will need to go to the Battle Arena that is on the east side of a map. the objective is to defeat shadows alone. After getting enough money go to the High Limit Lobby and trade your items at the reception, go to Bridge of Judgment that is to the south of the map, and activate it. it will give you access to the manager's room towards the treasure. Time to send a calling card. Exit Nijima’s Palace. Makoto gives Sae the calling card for treasure to materialize.

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19 November Saturday:

Defeat Shadow Nijima:Enter Nijimas Palace and use High Limit Floor and use the Bridge of Judgment to reach the Managers room. follow the new open area and use the elevator for the final fight with Shadow Nijima. Now this will be another game where you will need to ensure to avoid all penalties. She will cheat and the objective is to simply expose her. Any how you will miss the first bet. Bet A High Risky-return bet > Pocket 13 to 24. After she transforms to a shadow there will be more bets in between. following is the sequence solution you can follow. The first Bet > A risky, Pocket 13 to 24. Second Bet > A Risky > Pocket 13 to 24. At the end, Futuba warns a high number of enemies outside. Joker accepts to be the decoy. The next cut scene is the same that appeared at the start of a game where Joker was caught and later interrogated by Sae. Accept her deal.

This was the end of this chapter where Sae Nijima’s investigation is over. She calls out the name of friends and asks whether they are part of a crime. You can choose No. Still, decline to speak about the team. Keep denying her allegations. Joker founds the true culprit Goro-Akechi who was responsible for his arrest. He also shoots joker. The next conversation with Shido the politician whom in the beginning Joker stopped for beginning from harassing women. You can head to the next and final chapter where the Phantom Thieves fight with the final boss Shido. You can also refer to Persona 5 Wiki Guide for more guides or refer the next part of the walkthrough that covers the July Month.

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