Persona 5 PS4 Ending Shido's Ship Palace and Malevolent God Walkthrough

In the previous chapter Phantom Thieves target Sae Sae Nijima’s Heart in her Palace Casino, she then allies with the group. The Phantom Thieves also revealed the mystery behind mental shutdown murder, Goro Akechi, a private detective was the one who was behind the murder on the order of the Politician Masayoshi Shido, who wants to become the Prime Minister. He is the next and final target of Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 PS4 Ending

Once the story climax is revealed Shido becomes the next target, you can also fight Goro Akechi in a conversation with the team or you can go for the final target. Being the final boss it is a huge fight and it is necessary to get max upgrades before moving ahead. While talking in front of Diet Building choose Ship as the keyword to locate the palace. This is the time when the team infiltrates the palace. Makoto set a date December 17 for the final showdown.

Shido’s Ship Palace and Malevolent God Walkthrough


Shido’s Palace: Ship Infiltration:After the right keywords, the team gets into the palace which is floating on a huge ship. Go straight to the main door, and reach the upper level. Fight the shadow in the path that will turn to a Guard Dog of Hades. Next, go to Cruise Ship Central Palace, is on the upper level. Follow the exclamation mark that leads to Representative Chamber that needs 5 key cards to enter. As you move ahead you will notice a second exclamation mark that will lead you to the map of the ship in the Central Passage.

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Gather 5 VIP Referral Letter:To become a customer you will need to get 5 referral letters from the VIP. After coming out from the palace you will see the time limit before you can steal Shido’s, heart. After some casual activities when you enter back into the Palace, the first objective is to get those letters.

Personal 7 Ending Guide

Membership Card Locations: As to bartender in the area > Has anyone turned anything in > A Membership Card.

Personal 7 Ending Guide

The First Letter of Introduction: Fight Politician Ooe in Restaurant:Next head to the restaurant that is at the extreme east of the map. Choose to head-in. inside Makoto talks to Politician Ooe and they found that he was behind the accident in the subway. The team will have to fight with him to get the letter of introduction.After fighting Ooe take the elevator on the other end of the room that will take you to Cruise Ship Starboard Hallway – Mid. There is a statue of the politician at the end that will turn the Phantom Thieves to the mouse. This will help you to use the ducts around and you can skip the shadow. Your destination is in the extreme south, you will need to locate the lanterns that will stop turning you into mice. But the mice form is helpful to pass the ducts. you will need to reach the end towards an elevator that will take you to the Pool Deck.

The Second Letter of Introduction: Fight Former Noble on Pool Deck: Walk around and gather Intel from people around by talking. On the top left side of the pool you will see stairs, don’t climb it, around the corner there is a vent. Choose Kiss that vent good buy and infiltrate fitting room. only after that, the guest near the pool will talk to the girls. A guest who will give you the second letter will be a guest Former Noble.

The Third Letter of Introduction: Fight with TV Station President in Entertainment Hall:Head back to the hallway from where you had come, a large area with Shido’s statue that turns you into mice. You have to reach the back of deck fighting up shadows in the path. The next target is a TV Station, President.

The Fourth Letter of Introduction: Fight the IT President in Restaurant:Exist the hallway and then go to the Restaurant passing Central hall. Talk to the waiter inside standing near a huge window. Next, you will need to go to the side deck, and to access cabin, you will need to climb right side, you can use the third eye to locate the exclamation mark. Climb up to reach target cabin that is a VIP Guest room. Fight him off to get the fourth letter.

The Fifth Letter of Introduction: Fight The Cleaner in Engine Room:Now you can use the exhaust duct just opposite of the place you climb to reach the VIP room. you will have to use other ducts to reach the engine room, and you will reach a Cleaner a member of Yakuza Clan.

Go back to Representative Chambers:

After taking all the letters you will need to secure route to the treasure, so head to assembly hall door that is locked at the beginning. In between the team is attacked by Akechi. You will need to fight him off and head to Representative Chambers, there is a lift that will take you to the Assembly Hall.

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Send Calling Card to Shido:

The next objective is to send the Calling card. The team decides to send a calling card is a grand way, by sending it to various screens around the city. This leads to the arrest of Sojiro and Sae comes in the target of police. Enter the Palace, head to Central Passage then to Representative Chamber. Enter the Main Assembly hall, where the materialized treasure is kept. This will be a fight with Shadow Shido. After the first phase, he will transform, and gain there will be the second fight. After defeating him for the third time he will give up. In the real work, Shido will face a breakdown. Shido risks his life and took a medicine that temporarily kills him. The Phantom Thieves were able to escape the ship.

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Steal Final Boss Malevolent God’s, Heart:

Wait back for next few days for the change of heart. There will be ample of things going around, complete Mementos you will see an ending triggered by the Holy Grail who is the source of Mementos. Joker saves his friends from getting vanishing from the velvet room back into the real world where they will have to steal malevolent God’s Heart and fight it. in the end, the memento will disappear and Morgana also. At the end, after the protagonist is discharged from jail the team had a good together and Morgana appeared back.

The game do have multiple ending. Igor in the form of God of Control offers a deal to Joker, to revert the world to its prior state if you agree the game ends. So this was the end of the game, you can also refer to Persona 5 Wiki Guide for more guides or refer the next part of the walkthrough that covers the July Month.

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