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The Prey

The Prey is an action-adventure single player game release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will play as Morgan Yu, who is on Talos 1 Space Station fighting an alien race Typhon. He is a subject of the experiment by Transtar who is using the alien neuron structure to boost human capabilities, but something went wrong that lead to an outbreak in the space station. The following Wiki guide will offer you tips, walkthroughs and various information on collectibles, weapons that you can gather from the Space Station.

The Prey


  • Chapter 1: First Day On The Job Walkthrough: This the first chapter where Morgan Yu wakes up in his apartment and heads to Transtar Lab for a test, later he founds that he is just a test subject who is living in a simulation.
  • Chapter 2: Detour Walkthrough: In the second chapter, Morgan finally finds his mission, he has to destroy Talos I. In this chapter he has to access G.U.T.S, Arboretum and Deep Storage. In the last location, he will find a fabrication plan for the first key, and the second one is with Alex that is going to be used to enable self-destruction of space station.
  • Chapter 3: Gathering Echoes Walkthrough: In this chapter to access Deep Storage that further leads to Central Repository where Morgan has to find the fabrication plan of arming key, he has to first find voice sample of a crew member Danielle, without which the door of Deep Storage will not unlock. The guide gives you a list of all voice samples in the section.
  • Chapter 4: Restore from Backup, Repo Man and Key to the Kingdom Walkthrough: The following guide covers major missions, which are tied up together, you will be jumping between them until you finally gets an Arming Key to activate self-destruct on Talos I Space Station in the end.
  • Prey Ending Walkthrough: In the end, you have multiple choices, this guide covers Mind Without Limits and Perdition, these two are final missions where Morgan has a choice either to destroy Talos or Typhon.

Trophies List:

How-To & Tips

Collectibles & Locations Guide:

  • Map Locations: The guide offers you locations where you can get all the Maps in the game, it will further ease your navigation.
  • All Keycodes and Passwords: There are various doors and safe's around which are locked with key codes, you can refer the guide to all passwords to access them.
  • Artemis Golden Pistol: The guide offers you location to find the Golden Pistol in the game. 
  • All Audio Logs Location: There are many audio logs that you can collect through Transcribe device. This audio offer you hints, codes, and location for collectible items. 
  • All Emails Location: On different workstations around Talos I you can find various Emails. The guide offers you locations for gathering them.
  • Starbender Cycle Series Books: You can gather around 6 books in Prey.
  • Fabrication Plan Locations: Use the guide to find location of Fabrication plan in the space station. 
  • Weapons Location Guide: There are few handful of guns and grenades in the game, this guide will offer you their locations and strength. 
  • Dead Drops Locations: A side quest and location to find all Dead Drops in the area.


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