The Surge Part 1: Using Medbay, Exo-Rig Implants and Defeating PAX Walkthrough

The Surge Guide

The first part begins with a short intro of CREO a firm which is behind giving a new future to the human race by offering technological upgrades and restoring planets natural form. To begin the game after reaching the registration area you have to choices of Exo-Rig to choose. First one is Lynx a Grid Technician RIG agile and versatile and seconds a heavy operator, the brute, and persistent Rhino. Select any one of them, well there is no huge impact on the story. After the next cinematic you will find yourself on a devastated location, this is where the game begins.

The Surge Guide

The Surge: Using Medbay, Exo-Rig Implants and Defeating PAX

Restart ExoOS at Medbay:

The start will offer you tutorials for using a weapon, collecting Tech Crap, using a Vital Injection which is the med kit of this game, selecting targets, etc. Tech Scarp can be used at MedBay to level up Core Power. This, in turn, will offer strength to the Rig and its implant. On the top left, you will see two bars one is for health and another one is the stamina. The first objective is to reach Medbay, there is no marker in the game, but the path is straight forward. By just moving ahead at the end you will reach the Medbay, with a few drones outside. One of them will give you the first Exo-Rig implant a Medical Audit. After examining the rig at Medbay you will have to find the power core to activate all the features of Exo-Rig.

Exchange your defective Power Core:

The Surge Guide

Take the door next to the hologram message. You can interact for answers. Next while moving towards the Operations near the Assembly Hall you will have to fight with few enemies. Here you will learn to attack the unarmored body parts for cause more damage. After defeating them they burn to flames, the last one will give you a Power Core, take that and return to Medbay. While returning you will also find a second implant Vital Boost.

The Surge Guide

Use your Tech Scrap to level up the Power Core. Next are the implant section you can load the implants that you had gathered from here and finally a Rig section in the end. Head back to the Assembly Hall to Overcharge Power Circuits. Again there will be few enemies in the path. Overcharge power circuit on the left to open the door of Main Assembly line. Fight another enemy inside. the more enemies you kill, the more Tech Scrap you will gather along with implants and new weapons. The door will lead you to Main Assembly Line with few bunches of enemies in the path.

Rocket Assembly Station:

The Surge Guide

Later you have to reach Rocket Assembly Station. Follow the tracks of Main Assembly Line and passing one of the main gates you will reach the station. Look for Block-A sign. This is the entry to Power Plant. There are many enemies inside, but you can fight them easily by drawing them out. Inside there are stairs on the first left, go down and bypass the power core to activate the security system. This will turn on the boss of this chapter that is P.A.X, robot. You have to go down take right, and on the left, you will find the panel with few enemies. Take them down, overcharge the system and get back open area of Rocket Assembly station.

The Surge Guide

How to defeat P.A.X: Pacification Automation-X:

Lock on any one of the Leg, attacks and keep on circulating. The robot has predictable attacks. The robot is pretty strong, its one attack can cause a huge damage. But they are common and repetitive. After a few attacks when the bot falls down attack the head. That will cause the real damage. There is an orange bar on the top when you hit the legs the bar fills up and when it is full the bot will stop for a while. It will take a few try to kill it. Dodging is the key to a successful combat against P.A.X. Killing him will give you a new weapon P.A.X Interpreter and a Vital boost Implant.

Here we will end the first chapter where Warren the central character fights with P.A.X a combat bot in the end. Warren also gathers various implants to boost its Exo-Rig capabilities. Next is Chapter 2, where you will head to a new location and fight with Firebug bot. You can also refer our The Surge Wiki for more guides, tips, collectibles and latest update on the game.

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