The Surge Part 2: Locating CREO Members and Defeating Firebug Walkthrough

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After defeating P.A.X. in the last part, there is an Exo-Lift in the on right side of the Rocket Assembly Station. Look for Yellow arrows; it will take you to an upper level which is a train station. Take the train to CREO MAGLEV Station (Center Production B). The first thing you can do is register a Drone that will unlock Companion Drone. You can use Drone Modules to expand the drone arsenal for powerful attacks. For the terminal to register drone take the left stairs and go straight ahead. There is a computer on right.

The Surge Guide

The Surge Part 2: Locating CREO Members and Defeating Firebug

Central Production B:

The Surge Guide

Go to the big screen to watch the video on it. A video of Don Hackett, it is about Project Resolve. Now get back to the same place where you had registered a drone, below the stairs on right there is an elevator. It will only get active after you had seen the video. The elevator will take you to Personnel Arrival. Go straight first you will find Medbay and next to that is a passage to Material Depot. Overcharge the Power Circuit on the left first. Inside you will have to deal with a lot of enemies. This time you can use Drone to attack. Now ahead there will be more powerful enemies, there will be robots with shield, etc. So analyzing their attack before approaching will help you to save some health. There are fellow crew members in the area, you have to locate them and help them out. While fighting with stronger robots will give you better implants and equipment. In between while locating three members you will hear voice of Benjamin Burke who asks to meet the survivors at Outbound Station.

Location of three CREO members:

The Surge Guide

First Member Davey: Location is Material Depot. He is in one of the locked doors, as you move ahead you will locate the same. look for a big screen on the left there is a locked door, overcharge the power circuit and free him up. You will be constantly attacked if there is any enemy around, fight them first, and after unlocking the door clear the debris. Talk to him.

The Surge Guide

Second Member Dean Hobbs: Location is. He is locked up on an upper level due to low power. You have to help him out by offering power through your core. To reach him, take the path next to MedBay, the one that takes you to the entrance of Material Depot, on the left you will find an Exo-Life, there is a gap in the wall. jump down and walk left for helping Dean. Activate the Failsafe Terminal after helping him.

Third Member Irina Beckett: Location Central Station. After passing through the Conveyor Hub, where you see a big screen again with CREO a propaganda video, take the stairs on the right. You will find Irina. Talk to her.

The Surge Guide

After you are done locating all three members and activating the Failsafe Terminal after meeting Dean Hobbs. For the final battle with the boss of this game head to Recycling, To reach get back to the Medbay first. Now on the left, there is a small passage to Support Link 2. There is an Exo-Lift inside that takes you to the lower level. After coming out from the Link, take a left turn and run through the narrow passage with red lights till the end, you will find Recycle on the left-hand side. Fight off the enemies in the path and use the Bridge Control. Just opposite to the control there is an Elevator and a Door Control. The Elevator is on the right and the Door on the left. Take the Door Control and take the bridge towards the left to reach the lower area. Use the Exo-Lift around. now there will be a whole lot of bots below.

Decontamination Area:

Next, you need to reach the Decontamination Area passing through Toxic Waste to fight the final boss. From Recycling keep going downstairs, near the terminal you will find a Power circuit, Overcharge the same to activate. This will unlock the door to Toxic Waste Disposal. Fighting off enemies you will reach Toxic Waste Management. Finally, in the end, you have to locate Waste Decontamination Area that will lead to the final boss fight.

How to defeat LU-74 Firebug:

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Firebug is a big robot when you try to reach near and attack, it will revolve with a huge speed that will cause a good amount of damage. Similar to P.A.X you have to attach the legs, but it has many. Anyhow the attacks are predictable after some time. It has 6 arms and you have to destroy 3 of them.  later he will charge with heavy fire, anyhow you can dodge that. after destroying the bots limbs, the fight will get tougher, as you will get a less chance to go near. This time you have to slowly find your time for attack and run away far to dodge its fire attack.

Here we will end the second chapter, after defeating Firebug you have to get back to the train station to reach Blue Sky Station. In Chapter 3 Warren goes deeper to find out what is really happenign around he visits Resolve Labs finds a doctor and fights another boss Big Sister in the end. You can also refer our The Surge Wiki for more guides, tips, collectibles and latest update on the game.

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