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The Surge is a third person sci-fi battle game. It takes place in distant future, where Exo-Rig an Exo-Skeleton type technology offers human super strength. Warren the protagonist joins CREO but his journey seems to be far more troubling. After a painful implant surgery, he found himself lying in a robot hell. He faces dead humans bonded to Exo-Rig. There are also rogue drones, huge factory machines, and combat bots. The wiki offers you the full game walkthrough with its tips and collectibles.

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The Surge Walkthrough:

Part 1: Using Medbay, Exo-Rig, Implants and Defeating PAX - This is the beginning walkthrough where Warren is left into a robot hell, he is trying to find his way out on the basis of a hologram message.

Part 2: Locating CREO Members and Defeating Firebug - In this part, Warren goes to Central Production B, where he finds a few trapped CREO members like him and in the end, he listens to the announcement of Benjamin Burke, after fighting Firebug.

Part 3: Break Quarantine Lockdown and Defeat Big Sister Boss - In this part, Warren goes to Resolve Labs, where he founds Dr.Melissa Chave and a few more crew members. In the end, he fights a huge assembly bot Big Sister. 

Part 4: Defeat Black Cerebus and Rouge Process Boss - This is the final part where Warren reaches Nucleus and finds out a Rouge Process is behind all the devastation and failure if CREO. 

How to's and Tips:

Beginner's Tips: The Surge is a battle game where you will be dealing with rogue robots, drones, dead humans wearing Exo-Rigs, etc. This guide gives you essential advice like combat tips, controls along with vital info about the implants and exoskeleton.

Combat Tips: Guide that offer you simple combat tips that you can utilize in the game.

Schematics and Crafting Tips: Schematics are essential for upgrading Exo-Rig, after getting them you have to find enough TechScraps to craft them. 

Best Exo-Rig: Find out which Exo-Rig is best for you in the game. There are two at the start, but both of them have their own positive and negative aspects. 

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