Injustice 2: How to Trigger Gorilla Grodd, Deadshot and Firestorm Moves, Combos and Super Move

Gorilla Grodd is another playable character in Injustice two along with Deadshot and Firestorm. The guide has basic, combo and super moves list below. You will be playing each of them one by one depending on the game story. You will also have choices in between to choose whom to fight with.

Grodd Deadshot Firestorm

Gorilla Grodd Move list and combat style:


Fist Flurry

  • Trigger: Heavy Attack

Gorilla Fist

  • Trigger: Right + Heavy Attack

Heavy Handed

  • Trigger: Left + Heavy Attack

King Strike

  • Trigger: Down + Medium Attack

Knuckle Swipe

  • Trigger: Light Attack

Low Bash

  • Trigger: Left + Light Attack

Primate Slam

  • Trigger: Right + Medium Attack

Skull Crush

  • Trigger: Medium Attack

Straight Kick

  • Trigger: Left + Medium Attack

Straight Paw

  • Trigger: Down + Light Attack


Primal Lunge

  • Trigger: Down + Right + Light Attack



  • Trigger: Right + Medium + Light Attack

Mind Control

  • Trigger: Down + Left + Medium Attack

Psionic Lift

  • Trigger: Down + Down + Light Attack

Psionic Push

  • Trigger: Left + Right + Medium Attack

Salvation Run

  • Trigger: Left + Medium + Light + Heavy Attack

Savage Strength

  • Trigger: Down + Down + Heavy Attack



  • Trigger: Medium + Medium + Light Attack

Bloodthirsty Ruler

  • Trigger: Left + Light + Light + Heavy Attack

Brutal Nature

  • Trigger: Light + Light + Medium Attack

Cruel Intentions

  • Trigger: Medium + Medium + Light + Heavy Attack

Cutthroat King

  • Trigger: Medium + Medium Attack

Fierce Appetite

  • Trigger: Light + Light + Medium + Light + Heavy Attack

Slaughtering Humans

  • Trigger: Light + Light Attack

Supper Move

  • Trigger: L2 + L2
  • Goes in rage mode blows a heavy breath. Forcefully drags opponent closer using his psychic power. Hits and smashes with a four hit combo. Again blows a heavy breathe and hits a hard punch which throws you to the other corner of the stage.

Deadshot Move list and combat style:


Assassin Knee

  • Trigger: Left + Right + Heavy Attack

Deadly Assault

  • Trigger: Down + Left + Heavy Attack

Trick Shot

  • Trigger: Down + Right + Medium Attack

Wrist Cannon

  • Trigger: Left + Right + Light Attack

Super Move

  • Trigger: R2 + L2
  • Loads his gun, hits hard with on the head and throws the gun up. Until the gun comes down hits a 7 combo hit by his and knife and small gun and the finally shot as the gun comes down facing backward to the foe, A head shot.

Firestorm Move list and combat style:


Atomic Burst

  • Trigger: Down + Left + Heavy Attack

Energy Shield

  • Trigger: Down + Left + Light Attack

Fusion Blast

  • Trigger: Left + Right + Light Attack

Fusion Charge

  • Trigger: Left + Right + Heavy Attack

Molten Trap

  • Trigger: Left + Down + Medium Attack

Super Move

  • Trigger: Right + L2 + R2
  • Move: Hits a fire ball and hits a 4 hits combo by hitting twice then getting into the volcano, comes back out and hits and makes two atom like huge fire balls and hits his opponent for the last time.
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