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 The Surge Beginner Guide

The Surge is a sci-fi battle game, where the leading character Warren works for a company CREO. With the help of Exo-Rig he boosts his physical capabilities. The Exo-Rig has lot of implants that can be applied boost it power. The game is not very long, it revolves around a conspiracy that has devastated CREO. There will be bosses, mutilated humans wearing Rigs, Drones, etc. This guide gives you essential tips and tricks that you can apply while playing the game.

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The Surge Beginner Tips and Tricks

Dodge a lot:

The character moves slow, but can dodge a fast attack. So first thing is to learn dodging it will help you a lot against bosses and many powerful enemies.

Defensive Gameplay:

Play Defensive, in many parts you will land in front of strong enemies or in boss fight. So instead of blindly attacking plan your moves. Let the enemy attack, there is always a small pause after that. It will help you to preserve health, your suit health, etc.

Target Weaker Part of Enemies:

Before attacking any enemy you will be able to see its weaker part. The same is applicable to bosses. That is the only place you have to strike. Attacking on other parts will not help much.

Learn Enemies Attack Pattern:

Learn enemy’s moves will also help you lot. Most of them have a static set of movements, like a big robot which a sweep attacks, it will repeat that. You can simply dodge that. After defeating they collect weapons and items from them.

Gather TechScarp:

Tech Scrap is the most common thing you will find around, collect them and then use them later for upgrades. Medbay is easy to locate always, so keep the location remember. You might have to get back a number of time to heal yourself and for upgrades. Otherwise there are also Medkits around. Remember if you die you will lose your TechScrap and your enemies will revive. There is nothing to worry, your gameplay time just gets extended.

Utilize the best Implants:

Use Implants, you will find them as you keep playing and defeating powerful enemies. A lot of them will increase your strength and it will get easier to kill enemies.

Drone Support:

After a while when you are done playing a few hours you will unlock a drone, use that when there are more than one enemies around. It will give you a good support.


The game is like a maze, you have more than one path around. You can find shortcut that will instantly lead you to different parts of the game or directly to med bays. So if you explore you will find this easily. It can be behind locked doors, metal tunnels, etc.

Bypass Power Circuits:

Bypass Power circuits to get unlimited access to Lifts, doors, etc. You will find them in your path, you have to use your Exo-Rig’s core power.

Gear Up:

Always watch for your gears, keep them upgraded and wear everything from helmet to implants. This will help you to have a stronger attack on the enemies and you can also withstand theirs. By killing powerful ones you can get essential upgrade for the Exo-Rig with weapons.

The Surge Controls:



  • Escape Key – Game Menu
  • AWSD - Movements
  • Shift – Sprint
  • Space – Dodge or Jump while running
  • Q – Block Attack
  • E – Interact with Terminals, Med Kits, etc.
  • I – Check Equipments
  • C – Switch Implants
  • F – Use Implants
  • R – Torch Light
  • 1 – Drone
  • 2 – Change Drone’s Attack


  • Mouse View – Look Around
  • Right Click – Vertical Attack
  • Left Key – Horizontal Attack
  • Scroll Wheel (Click) – Lock Enemy
  • Scroll Wheel – Switch hands while aiming

PS4 Gamepad Controls:

  • Circle – Use Implants
  • Square – Interact with Terminals, Med Kits, etc.
  • Triangle – Drone
  • X – Sprint / Dodge
  • Left Joystick – Movements
  • Right Joystick – Look Around
  • Press Left Joystick – Jump while running
  • Press Right Joystick – Switch hands while aiming
  • L1 – Block Attack
  • L2 – Attack target
  • R1 – Attack Vertically
  • R2 – Attack Horizontally
  • Up Arrow – Change Drone’s attack
  • Down Arrow – Torch Light
  • Right Arrow – Switch Implants
  • Left Arrow – Weapon Switch
  • Press Touch – Check Equipments
  • Options – Game Menu

Xbox One Gamepad Controls:

  • B – Use Implants
  • X – Interact with Terminals, Med Kits, etc.
  • Y – Drone
  • A – Sprint / Dodge
  • Left Joystick – Movements
  • Right Joystick – Look Around
  • Press Left Joystick – Jump while running
  • Press Right Joystick – Switch hands while aiming
  • LB – Block Attack
  • LT – Attack target
  • RB – Attack Vertically
  • RT – Attack Horizontally
  • Up Arrow – Change Drone’s attack
  • Down Arrow – Torch Light
  • Right Arrow – Switch Implants
  • Left Arrow – Weapon Switch
  • Change View – Check Equipments
  • Menu – Game Menu

The Surge Exo-Rig Info:

Warren the protagonist is wearing an Exo-Rig that gives him ability to walk and boost his strength. Now developing the Exo-Rig is a core part in the game. Putting the right piece of implants will give you edge over enemies.

Core Power:

The Exo-Rig has a Core that powers it up. Now at start this will be low, you can gather Tech Scraps and extend the Core Power. The more you have the lesser you have to visit Medbay to refill it. TechScraps is found when you kill an enemy or you can locate them in various places in the form of shining yellow triangle. Also it will be used later to upgrade equipments in the game.

Exo-Rig Implants:

Implants are add-ons for Exo-Rig they are need to increase your strength and power in the game. Now below is the list of some important implants you will need in the game.

  • Vital Boost: Increase Max Health and Power Core Level.
  • Vital Injection: Allows you to heal a number of times, before you have no choice left other than Medbay.
  • Vanadium E-Cell: Increase Energy and Power Core Level.
  • Aggression Amplifier: Restore Health after every finishing move.
  • Voltaic Dynamo: Get more amount of energy after a successful attack.

Hope this guide will help you play the game more effectively. You can also have a look on our The Surge Wiki guide for more tips and full walkthrough on the game.

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