The Surge Combat Tips against Rogue Robots, Exo-Rig Humans and Bosses

The Surge Combat Style

The Surge gives you an open area to fight with rouge robots like drones, heavy machines, war robots, etc. And then there are dead humans who are wearing exoskeletons carrying heavy weapons. Last you will face the bosses. The guide will give you some essential combat tips that will help you to deal with them in a better way. If you want more information about how to begin, you can read the beginner’s guide that she lighter on the basic concepts.

The Surge Combat Style

The Surge Combat Tips against Rogue Robots, Exo-Rig Humans, and Bosses

Combat Tips:

Attack Type: There are two types of attack, vertical and horizontal. This will remain static in the entire gameplay with this you will learn a few movement skills like Dodging, or bashing into an enemy. You will also get the weaker part of the body of an enemy in the form of a white circle. If this turns blue that means you can do double damage. You can try combos on that to take them down in short time. The same is applicable to bosses. Also if you are attacking while running you will have a bit more powerful on attacks that you will perform while standing. If you are not attacking the targeted part of enemy you will do a basic damage, the health bar will reduce slowly, but if you attack on the targeted part you can soon kill the enemy. 

Cancel Enemy Attack: It is possible to cancel the enemy attack by attacking it at the same time. This works most of the time and can help you to apply an effective defend. In many cases when you will be unable to escape fast, attack the enemy when it attacks you. This will try to break their assault. Also the weapons you carry closely rely on the way you cancel the enemy attack.

Dodge and Jump Back: The combination of dodging and jumping back are vital for your defense. It will help you to instantly evade enemies attack and save a crucial part of your health. If you are playing it on console try these controls: Block Button + Right Stick (Up/Down) to jump and duck.For doing this multiple time do not keep holding the Block Button, release it then press the combination back. You can also attack while jumping or ducking, this will trigger a counter attack. The counter attack relies on your timing, you can deliver a higher damage compare to base attack. 

Use one Weapon: The Surge has set of various weapons you can try out. But I will recommend you to get familiar with one. So that you can remember your attack style. For example an Axe, you can use it to release vertical and horizontal attack and use these combinations a multiple time to reduce enemy health. Choose weapons that give you more speed. For example using a single weapon in right hand instead of an AXE or Hammer that requires two hands. 

Use The Surrounding Objects: You can use objects around to defeat an enemy. For example, a robot that will run towards you in speed and attack you, you can instantly dodge and it will bang against the wall or objects around. This causes them damage, this can be used for tougher enemies like mini bosses.

How to Block like a Pro?

Blocking is an important mechanism in the game to bypass heavy attack, for that you have to press Q if you are playing on PC, L1 for PS4 and LB for Xbox. This will allow you to perform a basic block. Well, it is not going to cancel an attack, but it will allow you to reduce the damage a bit. Use this when you are low in health while dealing with bosses and mini-bosses in the game. Next, you can instantly duck to bypass a swipe attack. Almost all enemies follow the same attack pattern, like vertical or horizon swipe. You can duck that or jump up or simply dodge back to skip it. A successful block will cancel damage caused by the enemy. You can shun enemy after a successful block, it relies on the armor bonus. After a block, if you can instantly trigger an attack you can cause more damage. A successful block will cancel damage caused by the enemy. You can shun enemy after a successful block, it relies on the armor bonus. After a block, if you can instantly trigger an attack you can cause more damage. 

Keep Visiting Medbay:

While in a boss fight it won’t be possible for you to simply leave the fight in middle and heal yourself. As you are about to begin, always go to Medbay first. Keep this a habit, to visit the Medbay, refill your core power and head back. Anyhow if you die you will lose your TechScraps, so better utilize it. There is a negative aspect of visiting Medbay, when you use an Execution you get +10% Multiplier to TechScraps and this keep on rising. But when you visit Mebday or die this reduces back to 1.0. 

What to do when you are Ambushed?

In many places, while moving around you will be surrounded by enemies, they can be drones, humanoids, etc. This is one of the annoying parts when you will be attacked from all sides. The best thing to do is first, observe a number of enemies around. That you can do by running a bit away, the enemies will follow you. Next, lock the nearest target and attack. Run again around the corner and target another one. Keep doing this unless a few of them are left. it is not necessary that you select a single one and fight, give random combos to multiple around. Try to avoid laser attacks by running behind the enemies or objects.

Why not dying is good?

Usually, the player does not die in The Surge, when the health bar is lowest he is sent back to Medbay to refill. But whatever TechScarps you had collected will be lost and you will have a time limit to collect them back after revival. Also, another big issue is the enemy in the area will also revive, you have to deal with them once again. So the best thing is to run towards Medbay whenever you are low on health or keep a watch on Medkits.

Execute in Style!

The Surge has some executions that are triggered by hitting E when you are about to end an enemy. This is a kind of special attack that causes higher damage. You can apply this when the enemy health is below 20%.

So these are the all combat tip you can apply. You can also have a look on our The Surge Wiki guide for more tips and full walkthrough on the game.

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