The Surge: Advance Combat and Special Attack Guide

The Surge Advance Combo

The Advance Combat guide is based on a steam article whose source link is shared at the end. There are certain good moves that will help you to tackle enemy easily. The game brings an open arena combat with lots of ups and down. The most annoying part is when you die you lose your TechScarp and within a time limit, you have to gather them all. So it’s a loss. Moving strategically and taking down enemies one by one without losing much health seems tough, but not impossible. With right upgrades, attack style your battle gets easier. We had tried adding those important below.

The Surge Advance Combo

The Surge: Advance Combat and Special Attack Guide

Advance Combat Tips:

  1. To reduce stamina cost in a combo, try to hit the button on right time to avoid much action. For example, if you are performing a combo and when an enemy attacks you back, then trigger the next move. If you constantly keep on attacking your stamina cost will be high.
  2. There is also a stealth based attack, you can go behind an enemy and perform a backstab attack. You have to press the horizontal button for that. You can make three times more damage compare to a normal attack.
  3. You can use a Drone to store energy that can be used later in the attack. Just press the drone button and you will store energy in it, later when in the battle you can call the drone and use it the same. It possible to store energy in multiple modules.
  4. Use multiple weapons, it is easy to swap weapons and use your favorite one through the gear menu.
  5. All bosses at the end will give you a new weapon. If you are playing on a high difficulty you will get a more powerful version of these weapons.
  6. After dying when you are gathering your Tech scrap again, as you reach near the pile you will get a small health regen.
  7. Taking down enemies with high-tech scraps in your pocket will increase your random chance of getting stamina-recharge buff. 
  8. After filling up the tech scrap bar completed filled on the HUD you will get some injectables. If your inventories already have them then there are chances that you will get free Energy with long decay.

Special Attack:

  • The weapons perform the horizontal and vertical attack. In a combo, you get 4 Hit on both the angles. But pressing alternate the buttons you get a change in attack. Instead of straight Horizontal or Vertical Combo, you will get a mix of both.
  • Ample of weapons offer you charged up attacks by holding the button. And you can also repeat them in some cases.
  • Simple weapons like a pipe or piston will not have 4-hit combos, instead, you can use them for infinite lower combos attack.
  • The combo attack changes on the basis of a part you target. You have to observe as all combos are not having animations. Some will finish up fast. It is a good point if you can work on finding the impact on combos on body parts.
  • While sprinting you can perform the slide-in attack. It will help you to trigger a counter attack. You can also try out a jumping attack while sprinting, jumping, etc. This only works if you have enough stamina left.

You can also check out our The Surge Wiki for more info and details on different guides on this game. 

Source: Steam

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