The Surge: Tips to increase Experience Modifier

 The Surge Expereince Modifier

In The Surge you can gather tech scrap that is a kind of internal currency which allows you to upgrade your power core as well other implants. Now there is an Experience Modifier in the game that you will see at the bottom right of screen as you gather tech scraps. You will keep on getting tech scraps as you kill the entire enemy, this will increase the modifier on the other side. But if you go back to Medbay or die this will be reset to a low point. So in this guide there is a small tip that will help you to regain or increase the Experience Modifier.

 The Surge Expereince Modifier

How to increase Experience Modifier

Tech Scraps can be used in the Medbay to increase the core level, and so this will be used for armor and weapon upgrades in the same area. The amount of tech scarps relies on the enemy you kill, also there pile around the area in the game that you can notice by breaking up the boxes or behind containers. With each kill your experience modifier increases  by an amount. And this keeps on rising. But as you visit medbay you will lose it. Also all the enemies you had killed will revive back again.

  1. First learn the game area, there is no clear map that can give you right pointers. You can simply walk around locate enemies location and find shortcuts. It is always best to have shortcut for Medbay, so in case you have planned for a refill you can reach back. 
  2. Always sneak around instead of wildly running. It is good if your enemy does no notice you, you can use stealth backstabbing attack to take it down. This will help you to preserve your health for longer time and consume less stamina. 
  3. Once you know all about the current area and you are planning to go to Medbay, go there and refill. Next instead of taking shortcuts, cover the longer path, re-locate the previous enemies and take them one by one. This will help you to instantly regain your Experience Modifier lost and slowly it will increase as you move ahead.

By fighting with enemies again in the area will help you to recover and gain your Experience Modifier at a faster rate. You can repeat the steps to accumulate your lost tech scrap also. For more tips on the game you can read The Surge Wiki.

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