Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Start New Game Plus (NG+) With All Loadouts

Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new Game Plus mode (NG+). This comes with 1.30 update. However, the update applies the game plus but to make it work is a bit tricky. It’s not like you will just get the New Game Plus directly in the menu, there is a process you have to follow to activate. After completing you will see New Game + in the Horizon Zero Dawn Main Menu from where you can start the game with all your gathered Items and Skills. So if you are ready to test Alloy’s world once again, follow the below guide process.

Horizon Zero Dawn

What Is New Game Plus?

  1. Alloy can use all skills and items from the previous story campaign. You will continue to gather experience and skill still you reach the max. 
  2. You can enjoy some new Adept weapons, extra modifications, etc. You can also locate some brand new outfits for Alloy
  3. Ultra Hard difficulty level 
  4. Hack Tallnecks once again to find more on the map.

How to Activate Or Create New Game + Loadouts:

Before you start you will have to do two things. First, you will need to finish the main story campaign. After doing this you will get War Machine Threat trophy. Without which you cannot move ahead and second you will need to add patch 1.30. if you had one with this two things let’s move ahead with the actual process for PS4.

Now after completing the main story save the game, there will be one single objective left The Looming Shadow quest. Start this objective and wait back for the final objective. Do not play it. Save the game once again.

Next load the save and hit the option button from the gamepad. You will see a menu, from where you have to choose Create New Game + Loadout. All items and skills from the selected savegame will be transferred to this New Game Plus.

You will see a popup on the screen, this will clear out whether the current selected save game is applicable to start a New Game Plus or not, if you have that choose it.

Your new Game Plus is now created, go back to the games the main menu and look below Load Game. Select Create New Game+ Loadout, this was disabled before. The final screen is to choose the difficulty level, if you go for Ultra-Hard you will get one additional trophy and cosmetics.

So this is how you can start Game Plus, there won’t be starting cinematic when Alloy was a kid, you will land directly in the mission to locate ROS. When you save, your game will be saved in New Game + format that will help you to re-load it from your last checkpoint. You can also read our Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki guide that gives you lot of updates on the game.

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