Dead Cells: List Of All Enemies and Tips to Defeat Them

The Dead cell has got a lot of enemies in the game to kill, so don’t worry you are going to have a pretty delicious and a wider range of enemies to kill for. Hahaha, jokes apart! So here we are going to bring you up, with all the different enemies on how they behave, what are their attacks and how to deal with them, in the best possible manner. So with no further delay let’s start the Menu. And yes Stay Tuned for more updates.

Dead Cells Enemies Guide

List of all the Enemies attacks, behavior and how to kill them:

Bomb Bat (Deadly Explode):

Bomb Bat

These bats have got the most deadly ability. They can completely kill you. Also they have got a larger area of radius.

What not to Do: Don’t be too close to them, get the hell out of the fight if they spot you and try to approach.

Tips To Kill Bomb Bat:

  1. Spot them before they do and take them to away from the rest of the enemies, in an open place and then kill them when they are in your melee range. If this fails then the best way is to use you ranged weapon.
  2. If you are already in a fight and they encounter you try to get the hell out of there as soon as possible and then attack them.
  3. If they attack you from the top then make a slight jump and then attack them.
  4. Even try using your AoE or homing attacks.

Brown Bug (Melee Slash):

Brown Bug

These tiny insects are the younger cousins of the Red bug. These can be found in the tighter areas of the map. And their small size makes it more difficult to deal with them. In-spite of being so small they have the same amount of damage as their elder brothers does.

What not to Do: Don’t try to fight with them in a dam tight place and when other enemies are around.

Tips To Kill Brown Bug:

  1. Try taking them to a new and open place if there are a lot of enemies to fight, and then kill them first.
  2. They are easy to kill with your melee attack.

Cyclops Bug (Charge Attack):

Cyclops Bug

These insect like creatures will be hanging on the ceiling and will charge an attack on you as you are into their sight.

What not to Do: Don’t try to attack them if there are a lot of enemies around you.

Tips To Kill Cyclops Bug:

  1. Try taking these creatures to an open place, separating them from the rest of the enemies and then kill them (only to do when you are been surrounded by bunch of enemies, as they are a bit pain to deal with.)
  2. They are easy to kill with your melee attack.

Fog Channeler (Casting Fog):

Fog Channeler

If you see a dense fog in front of you then, be careful as there is a caster, who is causing this Fog. It channels a dense fog around it covering the rest of the enemies along, making it more difficult for you to find it.

What not to Do: don’t try to kill the enemies first, try to kill the channeler at priority.

Tips To Kill Fog Channeler:

  1. Just start hitting with ranged attacks in the fog, as you hit it, you will be able to see it.
  2. By this process if you got the channeler only then it is an ease for you to finish him.
  3. Do try a level up or down as the channeler might not be on the same floor as you are.
  4. And the last option is to get into the fog, find the Channeler and kill him to get rid of the fog.
  5. And if you want to see if there are any other enemies then, retreat yourself to a new place, the enemies will start wandering around again.

Grappling Brute (Melee Slash/Grappling Hook/Stomp)

Grappling Brute

These are the toughest and the ones with the highest health as they can attack you from range as well as in melee and can even attack you if you try to escape.

What not to Do: Stay away from its range, if you don’t want to be grabbed by him.

Tips To Kill Grappling Brute:

  1. Try using majority of your skills attack.
  2. Try keep on changing the levels up and down as he can’t do the same
  3. Use a range attack and then a freeze attack. Later apply a melee attack.

Grenadier (Bomb):


They are similar to zombies, but they throw strong bombs.

What Not To Do: Stay away from the enemies attack range, they can see you through floors and walls, so try to stay out of sight.

What To Do: Try dodging their bomb.

Tips To Kill Grenadier:

  1. Try to use surrounding objects, kill other enemies first and then take down Grenadier.

Inquisitor (Magic Missile)


It has got some black magic powers as, he can shoot missiles which can pass through walls and obstacles.

What not to Do: Don’t try to attack him using your ranged weapons. And don’t even leave him for the last.

Tips To Kill Inquisitor:

  1. Killing him first will be your major priority.
  2. As almost any of your melee weapon can easily stun him and then you can easily kill him.
  3. If he is away from you and you don’t have any other enemies around then try to charge towards him and kill him.
  4. If you have a bunch of enemies around you, try to shorten the distance between you and him by dogging his attacks. Then kill the rest of the enemies as he won’t attack at a short range and then get to him.

Infested Zombie (Melee Slash/Spawns Brown Bug after dyeing)

Infested Zombie

These are a bigger than the normal zombies but slow, they can only hit in a melee range, but the other power makes them a bit difficult to deal with as, they spawn Brown Bugs after they die.

What not to Do: Don’t kill two zombies at a time as it will be difficult for you to deal with so many Brown Bugs.

Tips To Kill Infested Zombie:

  1. Try saving them for the last as they are slow.
  2. And kill them when you have less enemies around you, and then deal with the Brown bugs.

Mushroom (Summon Stakes):


He is the main reason for some of the players, who try to avoid the Old Sewers. He has got the power to burst and grow a variety of wooden stakes under you or from the wall, before even you can spot him. He has got a great range of sight, which even runs out of the screen. And it is worth dealing with them as they drop two cells.

What not to Do: Don’t stay at the same place if the floor starts to rumble for a second or so try getting a level up or down.

Tips To Kill Mushroom:

  1. Just avoid his first attack as it’s the most dangerous one.
  2. Try using your ranged attacks when there are some other enemies too.
  3. Keep attacking him if he is the only left by the ranged attacks and then get close to him gradually, as he might surprise you again by putting the same attack on himself which would guard him but hurt you.

Mechanical Spider (Bomb Spread/Shockwave Stomp)

Mechanical Spider

Do consider them a threat as they have got a pretty good amount of heath, and continuously be roaming in the prisoners, to make it more difficult for you to deal with other enemies.

What not to Do: Try to be out of his sight and then attack. Don’t try to fight him along with the rest of the enemies around.

Tips To Kill Mechanical Spider:

  1. Try taking them down from a range. 
  2. Using of immobilization with a freeze attack and then attacking him can be useful, but mind it you will have to do it twice as he has ample of health.

Meat Grinder (Boomerang Axe):

Meat Grinder

This Giant guy is carrying an Axe and it can be your worst nightmare. It has an ability to throw axe as a Boomerang, which slows down at its end point and comes back to its owner. And if you are stuck with it on the wall then you will be taking in a lot of damage for sure.

What not to Do: Don’t come into his Axe range, as you might be losing your life. And if you have killed him after he has thrown his axe then, get out from there as the axe will be coming back and can hit you, as it will continue flying until it hits an obstacle.

Tips To Kill Meat Grinder:

  1. Let them first throw the axe and then kill them until the axe returns, by getting behind them.
  2. If you have to encounter two of them at the same time, then you need to, let them wander in opposite directions and then hit them.
  3. And again get to a lower or a higher level and wait until they wander in opposite directions again. 
  4. You can use immobilizing and freezing abilities together to have a longer window to kill them.

Obelish (Electric Field attack)


This old ancient sculpture doesn’t move from its place. But gets activated as you get closer to its range or you attack it. All it does is, creates an electrical circle around it. If you enter this circle you will be losing your life slowly until you stay in the circle.

What not to Do: Don’t stay in his electrical circle. Be extra care full while using your Turrets and status effect attacks as it might take the damage in from the force of field.

Tips To Kill Obelish:

  1. Try using the ranged attacks.
  2. Use your immobilizing attacks with the melee attacks.

Pirate Captain (Cannon Ball/Triple Slash):

Pirate Captain

He is the one of the most aggressive pirates we can say, he can blast the cannon balls and hit you hard.

What not to Do: Don’t jump behind him while he attacks you with a melee attack, as he can turn around in a swift while attacking.

Tips To Kill Pirate Captain:

  1. Try to keep safe distance between you and him and use your ranged attack
  2. You can blast the balls before they reach to you, using your ranged attacks.
  3. When you know that now it is easy for you to get him, then stun him and get into your melee range and kill him.

Phazer (Teleport/Melee Slash):


He wills teleport to you, no matter how many floor changes you do as you get into his sight. Forcing you to be, in a head to head fight with him.

What not to Do: Try the level best to stay away from his range of sight.

Tips To Kill Phazer:

  1. Try killing the rest of the melee enemies first and then come to him.
  2. Mostly roll behind him and then attack 
  3. Try using you immobilizing skills along with your attacks, when he teleports at you.

Running Zombie (Melee Slash):

Running Zombie

These are the younger cousins of Zombie. They are tinny but yet powerful with their lightning Strike and always appear to be in groups.

What not to Do: Don’t just charge on them directly, as they just don’t always come in the same category of enemies, sometimes they even bring a different race of enemies too. And they might even kill you instead of you killing them.

Tips To Kill Running Zombie:

  1. Try killing the rest of the enemies first and then come to these.
  2. Or try isolating them and then try to kill them.
  3. Try using the Hit- Run technique.

Red Bug (Melee Slash):

Red Bug

They are more aggressive then the Cyclops Bug. And mostly are in packs. If you find these along with some of the other melee ranged enemies then, you have had it!! If a member of their group dies, then they will hold for a second or so.

What not to Do: If there are other enemies along with it around you, then deliberately fighting with them can be a suicidal thing for you.

Tips To Kill Red Bug:

  1. Try taking them to a new and open place if there are a lot of enemies to fight and then kill them.
  2. They are easy to kill with your melee attack.

Slime Vial (Throws small Slimelings)

Slime Vial

This full sized test tube looking creature filled with orangeish liquid (slime), cannot move from its place but gives birth to smlimelings, which protect them and attack the person. Try to shoot these slimelings, as close to the enemy if possible.

What not to Do: Don’t try to take them down first if you are been surrounded by other enemies.

Tips To Kill Slime Vial:

  1. Try taking the slimelings away from the Vial and try killing the vial using a ranged attack.
  2. When surrounded by slimelings keeping hitting into their direction to kill them all.
  3. And if you use your immobilizing skill then they will mostly die, by just using the skills.
  4. Killing the Vial with the help of arrows is also a good idea, but you need to have an unlimited set of arrows.

Slimeling (Melee Slash):


These are the little creatures which are been thrown by the Vial. Their main moto is to protect their Vial. They are easy to deal with but take care as they have a fast melee attack.

What not to Do: Don’t try to be to be lame with them seeing their size, make you attack move faster than theirs.

Tips To Kill Slimeling:

  1. Take the Vial down first as they will keep on throwing more until the liquid is not over or the threat from you.
  2. Use your ranged abilities and attack to kill them from a distance.

Scorpion (Melee Sting – Poison Shot)


They are always ready to surprise you when you don’t want more trouble, while fighting. They are hidden into the floor that you are on and will just dig out of it for you.

What not to Do: Don’t get too close to then (in their melee range) as you will be taking in some serious damage.

Tips To Kill Scorpion:

  1. As they start coming up from the ground start a charge on them so that you kill them before they can even hit you.
  2. Use some of your skill to kill them.

Shield Bearer- (Shield Charge):

Shield Bearer

He is the only enemy in the whole game, which you will find with a Shield. And can take almost all attacks. And can also protect the other enemies with the help of his shield.

What not to Do: Try to avoid attacking from front as your attack is going to be useless. Maintain a distance from him.

Tips To Kill Shield Bearer:

  1. Let them deliberately charge towards you and then jump behind them and kill them.
  2. You can even throw a bomb behind them.
  3. You can even use a turret skill to hit them from back.

Shield Dummy (Buffing with Shield):

Shield Dummy

Don’t underestimate this guy, though he can’t move and attack you. He will protect him and the rest of the enemies in his range, with a shield surrounding them from all directions for a period of 5 seconds each time.

What not to Do: Don’t try to kill him first if you have a Phazer around you. Take the phazer down first or simply lose your life.

Tips To Kill Shield Dummy:

  1. You can easily kill them by your melee attack or a ranged one.
  2. Remember if you have a lot of enemies around it then try killing them first.

Slasher (Triple Slash):


He is been awarded as an Elite enemy in the Old Sewers so be careful with him, as if you don’t know how to deal with them then be ready to die!!! He has the ability of teleport Rune. He can teleport towards you from a long range. He stars to wander around as he spot you and will reach you by teleportation.

What not to Do: Don’t be into his horizontal teleporting range (as he can only teleport in horizontal) Try moving back to break the combo as the last hit has a shockwave attack. Never try to roll out of them as they have shockwave attack on the last hit.

Tips To Kill Slasher:

  1. Don’t rush onto them just be calm and make as many ranged and skills attack you can.
  2. Try firing arrows (if you have some) when you duck up to a new level.
  3. Try taking them away from the rest of the enemies and then make a melee attack
  4. Miss their first attack and have a look on their head for the (!) mark, as this will indicate you their hitting time. 
  5. Move behind them after every slash and attack only on the last slash as, this will stun them and then you can easily kill them before they can even attack on you.

Undead Archer (Fire Arrow):

Undead Archer

They have a long range to attack and even a faster, rate of fire.

What not to Do: Don’t try to be into their range of attack.

Tips To Kill Undead Archer:

  1. If surrounded with other enemies then first try to kill them and then get to the ranged ones.
  2. If you are at a distance try rolling in the opposite direction of the arrow and then hit them.
  3. On account of having a low health they can be easily killed by your arrow, before they can react to it.

Ugly Worm (Melee bite/Drop exploding Eggs):

Ugly Worm

They are like the ugliest looking creature in the list of enemies, with all those sharp teeth’s coming out and broken eggs over their body. Thank God we cannot smell them!!!

What not to Do: Try to be out of their sight, as they are faster than usual after they spot you. Don’t get close to the eggs. Don’t try going to a lower level as the eggs might fall down too.

Tips To Kill Ugly Worm:

  1. Try being away from the range of the eggs.
  2. Try attacking by the ranged attacks only, as it’s the best one with him.
  3. Using the immobilizing skill will be useful to kill them.

Zombie (Forward Charge – Melee Slash):


The most common enemies in the game, attack with fast charging power.

What Not To Do: Stay away from the enemies attack range.

What To Do:  Dodge Zombies charge attack. If you are in Melee Range then slid away.

Tips To Kill Zombie:

  1. Get close enough to skip their charge attack and hit them till they die. 
  2. If they follow you, maintain a distance and hit again. The distance will allow you to skip their charge attack. 
  3. Surprise hit them from behind doors, or objects, avoid bumping directly into their attack range.

That’s all for now we will update you with more enemies soon, so stay Tuned for some updates and don’t forget to have a look at all the Melee Attacks of Dead Cells.

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