Destiny 2 Beta - How To Get Code And Redeem It, Download Beta On PS4 And Xbox One

Destiny 2 Beta Codes and Pre-Load is live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Below are the detailed instructions through which you can redeem your Destiny 2 beta codes via Bungie portal. The guide is divided into two parts, first for those who Destiny 2 beta access via pre-ordering  via retailer like Amazon, Gamestop, etc, and second, if you had bought Destiny 2 directly from Xbox Store or PlayStation store.

Destiny 2 Preload

Pre-Load Destiny 2 Beta If You Had Pre-ordered through Retailer:

When you pre-order Destiny 2 you will receive a 9-digit alpha-numeric code that will be printed in the receipt of purchase or it will be mailed to you directly. On both the cases you will have t note down that first. If you had not received any of these codes contact the customer support of the retailer. So if you are ready with the same then follow the below guidelines.

To redeem the code first you will have to visit Bungie’s Code Redemption Portal. You will have two options Sign In or Join Up. If you have a Bungie profile then go for Sign In or else creates a fresh account by clicking on Join Up. You can use PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Live Account or Blizzard ID in both the cases.

Step 1: After redeeming the code, Sign in to Bungie Companion Portal, using your profile.

  • Note: If you are doing the same on Android or iPhone you will have to click on Legends > Bungie Profile > Tap on Triangle on Top Right > From Dropdown choose Codes.

Step 2: Once you are done with the above steps, signing into the companion portal, select the platform and region under Destiny 2 Beta. Choose it properly as you can’t modify this back.

Step 3: You will receive a final Key that will be last used on the platform you had selected. Now this key will be used finally to pre-load the game on Xbox One and PS4. Steps for both are posted separately below.

Destiny 2 beta pre-load through Redeemed code of Destiny 2 on Xbox One:

Redeem Codes is around 25 Character’s, use it on the Xbox Redeem portal if you are accessing it through a web browser like Chrome.

  • You can also redeem this using Xbox mobile app, from the Home Screen > Scroll from left and tap on Store. In the center you will see a box with Redeem a code button. This can also be done through scanning a QR code if any.

Destiny 2 beta pre-load through Redeemed code of Destiny 2 on PS4:

  • Sign-in to your PSN Account and from the home screen choose the store icon. 
  • Choose Redeem Codes from the bottom side of Menu. 
  • Add the code and choose Continue > then Confirm to accept Trail Code Terms of Service. 
  • Finally click on Continue for completing.

Pre-load Destiny 2 beta if pre-ordered through Xbox or PlayStation Store:

Following steps will help you to access the beta if you had pre-ordered the game directly through Xbox or PlayStation marketplace.

  • If you had purchased the same from Xbox marketplace, then search from Destiny 2 in the marketplace domain, or on Xbox Store or in the Xbox App. Choose the game and click on Install. 
  • For PS4 search the game on PSN and choose Install.

So these are the steps by which you can simply redeem Destiny 2 Beta access on your console and system. Below is the Beta schedule, it is going to end on July 23. PC Beta access is coming in August 2017.

  • PS4 Beta Early Access - July 18 to July 20
  • Xbox One Beta Early Access - July 19 to July 20
  • Open Beta - July 21 to July 23
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