Destiny 2 Beta Error Codes Guide for Crash, Connectivity, Popup, Kicked from Server Etc

Destiny 2 Beta Error

Bungie has already cleared out there will be ample of known issues in Destiny 2 Beta. Most of those issues are related to server connectivity, stability, etc. In this error guide we had added some more errors that have been updated acknowledged by Bungie on the official Twitter account. Yet there are not many solutions, but a few of them can help you to get rid of them. We will keep updating the game as and when we find new errors and their solutions below are trying to add the most recent one.

Destiny 2 Beta Error

Destiny 2 Error Codes And Fixes:

Destiny 2 Client Crashes at log-in: Bungie is investigating this crash issue, it appears when anyone try to log-in the client crashes multiple time. Yet there is no actual fix for the same.

Destiny 2 Client Crashing on PS4 Pro: This error has been reported to be resolved simply by changing the game language, if you had selected Non-English, try changing that t English and test back.

Destiny 2 Moose Error: This is a common error which could pop-up in between a number of time. According to the twitter reply, Bungie has asked players to restart their current mission and check back. It might take a couple of tries sometime, or get fix in first attempt.

Destiny 2 Weasel Error: This error caused players to return to Orbit in any Beta activity or gear inspection. Bungie mentioned on Twitter that they are investigating the matter, yet there is no accurate solution for this problem.

Destiny 2 Termite Error: This is a common error where users are unable to connect to Destiny 2 Beta. A possible fix is to simply restart the game to resolve the issue. This has been found working.

So these are some errors reported and a few fixes which might help you in playing the game. It is recommended to do a couple of restarts to fix majority of issues or you can also hit Bungie help forums. Stay tuned, we will update the guides as and when we find new fixes for errors. Do share your fixes or errors in the comment below.

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