How To Interact or Meet With Other Players In No Man's Sky Atlas Rises

No Man's Sky - Atlas Rises update brings a new Co-Op mode in the game. This feature was expected by gamers from the start before players were unable to see each other when they are in the same locations. Now having a co-op mode will let them to interact, but this not going to be very good as expected. In this co-op mode players appears as a glowing orb (as shown in image below - credit to Reddit), and they can voice chat with each other. It not like you can do similar things on single locations, you can just interact and share information.

No Mans Sky Atlas Rises

Meet Other Players In No Man Sky Post Update 1.3:

The new update Atlas Rises brings Joint Exploration. A feature where up to 16 players can interact with each other on a single location and they can also see each other. There is no much info on how this really works, does it offers players to create structures together, hunt down things or share resources. As far as we had seen the previews this is more like giving players a point to talk with each other.

It will be usually helpful to get information if you are looking out for something in the vast galaxy. It will also help players to alert others in case of any danger in the area. Players can together explore the planet and gather resources, so it could be an amazing interaction on finding up unique things.

As you can interact, you cannot shoot or kill the other player. You cannot even loot them in Joint Exploration. This is the limitation right now in Atlas Rises, but in future, we can expect this to be more interactive.

Players are not allowed to interact with each other’s environment. If you are doing any modification in the Terrain that will not be visible to any other player in the same locations. This means you and the players cannot see changes done by you or by them. So it’s just plain chatting.

One good thing you can do is share portal details, share run pass codes with friends and online players, to save their time. in this way you can share the rewards, you earn with others.

16 Players group is quiet enough I think to explore a vast planet and gather resources, find new items without putting much. This is more like helping hand, not a complete interactive update for players.

We can expect in coming time to have more intense multiplayer gameplay where players in a group can do lot more things. Right now you can enjoy Joint Exploration. Atlas Rises brings 30 hours of new content for players to explore. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Image Source: Reddit

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