How To Find And Use Fast Travel Portals In No Man's Sky

No Man Sky’s new Atlas Rises Update has added a Co-op feature in the game with limitations. This let players to interact in a group of 16 with each other, but players won’t be able to see each other, they will see blue orbs with name tag over them and they can voice chat each other sharing vital information. Any changes you do in the environment will not be visible to players, so anyhow this is a kind of co-op mode but with a lot of limitations. Now there is the second thing that is added is a Fast Travel Portals.

 No Mans Sky Portal

These portals are scattered around on the planet, there is a way to find it that you can read below. You will need to learn the Glyph symbols that will be used as passwords to access them. And these passwords can be shared with others, you can invite other players to your planet also. You can also share info about what you got after traveling through the portal. But there are certain draw backs. First, you cannot take your ship or any other vehicle through the portal. So you are all on your own, if you pass on distant locations you have to come back to the place where you landed to use your ship. This is pretty annoying to some extent. Still the portal can let players to find some exclusive loot so let’s move ahead.

How To Locate And Use Portals:

To Find Fast Travel Portals:

To start first you will need to locate two things, first the Portals to pass and second the Glyph password. Method to find both is listed below. Thanks to the Reddit source for info, official link is in the end.

Locating Portals Using Signal Booster:

  • Build a Signal Booster and use it to locate the Monolith. 
  • Now go to the Monolith location and pay a relic. You will get info about the nearest portal on the planet. 
  • Add the address you want to visit and fast travel to the location.

To Find Glyphs:

Glyphs are like the password that you will need to access the portals. To find them you have to find caves in the area, use your scanner. You will be able to track a Dead Traveler from which you will get access to a new Glyph.

These portals can be used to travel on different planets, bases or to random locations. You can share the same password with friends and invite them to new locations. It is good if in future there is the possibility to pass through a vehicle or ship through the portal so that players won’t have to travel really long.

Source: Reddit

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