How To Easily Farm Million Units in No Man's Sky Update 1.3

Farming in one way in No Man's Sky to make some good amount of unit that you can later use in upgrades and buying new stuff. Now after Update 1.3 Atlas Rises, there are changes in the value of items, but still there are many ways by which you can make millions in the game, and that too in short time. So below we have listed certain methods/items to craft which can help you to earn good amount of units.

 No Man's Sky Unit Farming

How To Make Millions Of Units Fast:

Circuit Board = 1,200,000 Units

  • Heath Capacitor + Poly Fiber

Liquid Explosive = 1,000,000 Units

  • Requirements: Unstable Gel + Acid

Acid = 288,000 Units

  • Requirements: 25 Mordite + 600 Fungal Mold (Temerium)

Heat Capacitor = 240,000 Units

  • Requirements: 100 Frost Crystal + 200 Solanium (Fervidium)

Lubricant = 160,000 Units

  • Requirements: 50 Coprite + 400 Gamma Root (Candensium)

Unstable Gel = 80,000 Units

  • Requirements: 200 Cactus Flesh (Spadonium)

Glass = 48,000 Units (Sell cost)

  • Requirements: 250 Frost Crystals

Poly Fiber = 8,000 Units

  • Requirements: 100 Cactus Flesh + 200 Star Blub (Found in Yellow Systems)

To save your time you can work on Lubricants, as it yields high price, it is possible to craft 1 Lubricants using 40 Mordite. Mordite is another easiest element to find, you can kill animals on the planet to gather it. So in an hour of gameplay you can boost your regular units to millions units through this.

These are the ways that will help you to simply earn a good amount of units in less time.

Method 2:

How to make 10 Million Units/Hour in No Man's Sky Post Update 1.3 (as detailed by Reddit user RaveMittens - Selling Liquid Explosive):

Step 1: Find a system with both a desert planet and a toxic planet. You'll need plenty of cactus flesh and fungal mold.

Step 2: Make your homestead on the fungal planet. You'll need to set up a fungal mold farm. After the addition of fuel for farming trays, it doesn't make sense to farm these indoors.

Step 3: Start harvesting them. Drive around and collect. If you're lucky enough to be on a planet with plenty of resources, it shouldn't take long. I wasn't so lucky. Since fungal mold yields 50x, and planting them requires 100x, this is the most tedious step of the process.

Step 4: Start your farm. Once you have enough to get started, start planting the fungal molds. They take 30 minutes to grow, so spend those 30 minutes collecting more. Or, if you need Thamium, head into space and attack freighters - the huge and easy source of Thamium (Do not attack the first Sentinel that comes after you. Just bring an iron and refuel your shields. If you kill that one, many more will come). Continue this process until you have at least 60 plants outside your abode.

After your farm is established, you'll spend these 30 minutes on the desert planet, collecting cactus flesh and murdering poor, unsuspecting wildlife.

Step 5: Profit. Collect your fungus and get to crafting.

Liquid Explosive recipe: 25 mordite + 200 cactus flesh + 600 fungal mold
60 plants x 50 yield = 3,000 fungus (5x600) Collect 10 cactus plants = 1,000 cactus flesh (5x200) Murder several animals = 125 mordite (5x25)
Yield: 5 Liquid Explosive.

Liquid explosives sell for 1,000,500 units baseline. Therefore, if you keep this cycle up, you'll earn 5Million/30Minutes or about 10Million/Hour.

Units Farming Method No Man's Sky Units Farming Method No Man's Sky

Source: Reddit

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