High FPS PC Settings For No Man's Sky 1.3 Atlas Rises

No Man Sky's has received a new 1.3 Atlas Rises update that has around 30 hours of new gameplay with lot of new items. In case you are facing issue with the graphics or fps on a PC, in this guide you can find solutions for them. Below you can try out some solutions that can help you to get a bit better graphics and also boost in performance. The guide is for those who had a decent hardware but still they are unable to quiet quality output from the game. For example a system with Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM,  and atleast 6GB Video Memory. If still on this you are having issues with output then try out one of the solutions below.

No Man's Sky PC

Boost FPS Count in No Man's Sky:

Edit Game Settings:

  • In the graphic settings of game you can try out following things to get better output. 
  • Turn of Windows Mode if you are setting tab around the game screen. 
  • Turn of Vsync  for better performance. Do the same for Anti-Aliasing or FXAA.
  • Set FOV to 100.
  • For good FPS you must get max refresh rate on your Monitor settings. You can do that from Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advance > Monitor. Similar settings are there in default control center for your Graphic Card management. This must be above 60fps.
  • The config file of No Man’s Sky is stored in \steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\Binaries\Settings. You can edit the cfg file to turn off Gsync settings, etc. 
  • Also launch Task Manager and right click on No Man's Sky services, set the CPU priority to high.

Nvidia Graphic Card Settings: No Man's Sky Optimizations

For Nvidia Card, go in the control panel and apply the below settings:

  • Maximum for Power Management
  • Adaptive for Vertical Sync
  • Turn off Triple Buffering
  • Turn off Multi-Display GPU Acceleration
  • Turn on Shader-Cache

You can also disable Geforce Experience app In game overlay to boost the FPS counts:

To disable Geforce Experience In Game overlay:

Open Geforce Experience -> Go to Settings, In General settings disable Share option.

For AMD Card: No Man's Sky Optimizations

For AMD also you have to "Set to optimal performance" settings, which will boost the game graphics quality or you can try below optimized settings.

  • AA Mode: Use Application Settings.
  • AA Sample: Use Application Settings.
  • Filter: Edge: Detect.
  • AA Method: Adaptive Multisampling.
  • Morphological Filtering: On.
  • Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Use application settings.
  • Anisotropic Filtering Level: Use application settings.
  • Texture Filtering Quality: High quality.
  • Surface Format Optimization: On.
  • Wait for Vertical Refresh: Off, unless application specifies.
  • OpenGL Triple Buffering: On.
  • Tessellation Mode: AMD optimized.
  • Maximum Tessellation Level: AMD optimized.
  • Frame Pacing: On.
  • AMD CrossFireX Mode: Disabled.

No Man's Sky FPS Boost Mod: (Unofficial)

There is a FPS booster mod by Nexusmods, you can find that easily by searching on web. There are three settings in it you can use, first disable all the fade affects like terrain, water, objects and shadows. Second disabling terrain fades effect that will drastically improve fps and disable water fade fps.  The mod promise to boost the fps upto 80.  But try it on your own risk, it’s not officially supported.

So these are some settings you can try out to boost the game fps in No Man's Sky, you can also share your best settings in the comments section below.

Thanks to Reddit user Constellations

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