Chapter 2: Infiltration - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

The Lost Legacy Infiltration

In The Lost Legacy Chapter 1 Insurgency, Chloe met Nadine with some interesting intel. In Chapter 2: Infiltration, both now goes to the base camp to find an important artifact that will help Chloe to find the greatest treasure.

The Lost Legacy Infiltration

Infiltration Walkthrough

Path To Asav’s Den:

Path To Asav Den 1 Path To Asav Den 2

In the last chapter when Chloe meets Nadine Ross and she tells her about Asav and a base camp on the top of the building. You can take a picture at this point then follow Nadine. Climb from the right end and then jump in the room ahead. You have to climb through the edges of building ahead, go up and then jump, on the right side, there is a pipe uses that to climb up and then jump on the hoardings. You have to move on the left side to reach the roof of the building. Keep moving through the edges of the building.

Path To Asav den 3 Path To Asav Den 4

After crossing through edges, jump to the room and then further jump the hoarding. Climb on right roof, go near the grass and you will see a wire on top, glide through that on the other side and hit the soldier.  You can use the grass to hide. In the room on the roof there is a table, pick the object and drag the huge wooden box outside. Climb on the roof of that room and jump ahead towards the next building.  Now on the right side the Pink Lotus through a window.  Now return and jump through the roof ahead, jump on the top hoarding and swap to the opposite side.

Path To Asav den 5 Path To Asav Den 6

Crawl to the right and jump down, and then jumps on the window on right and then take the pipe to the roof. Again you will find a room on the left, drag the wooden box from the room and push it from the roof to the place where Nadine is standing, it will break the floor and she will fall down, and then jump.

Path To Asav Den 7 Path To Asav Den 8

On the front walk through the iron bar and jump, go left and then climb up and you will enter a room. Go inside and walk towards the second computer, there is a path on right. Keep moving through the doors till you reach one that is locked. Now jump on the right iron bar, walk ahead and again jump. Go up, hit the soldier on top. From the balcony jump down and go left, climb up till you reach the second balcony. There is a locked door.  Pick the lock, Nadine will help you.

Inside Asav’s Den: Collect Ancient Disc

Two Head Ganesh Coin

The room is filled with antiques, you have to inspect this area. There are lots of objects you can check. First go straight and take a right, look on the boxes on your back. You will find a coin. Next turn around goes near the window and pickup a compass from left. Turn around and on the left, there is a map, pick a piece of paper. Nadine will tell you about the locked box on the table. You have to pick the lock. Just rotate slowly and when you feel the vibration hold to pick the lock. Inside the box, you will get an artifact disc that has two Ganesh head. Just after taking it, Asav will enter.

Escaping Asav's Soldiers:

Escape Soldiers 1

In the cinematic, you will see Chloe pitches herself as a Hoysala Expert and advice to use her help in unlocking the artifact which is denied by Asav and his soldiers attack both. The next objective is to escape the shooting soldiers. Follow Nadine after she jumps from the window, next turn left and take the rope to land on another roof. Keep running on your right, at the end, you will see a passage on the left, climb up and jump towards the wooden platform ahead. Take stairs on the right and keep running till you reach a wooden floor that will crash down. Once again follow Nadine, on one of the roofs where Nadine pulls you up, you have to fight with soldiers. After dealing with them follow Nadine.

Escape Asav Soldier 1 Escape Asav Soldier 2

Later jump to your right and keep running through roofs. You have to now face bomb attacks. The next path will be on the left side after the second bomb hits you. Go right and jump on the building ahead, then jump through the barrels to go the roof. From the roof on the left, you will see the hoardings, jump on them, and then the next building ahead. The next jump will be on the right, you will see the river ahead, keep sliding down then take the rope to cross the river. Both Chloe and Nadine will fell in the river.

After falling into the river both will lead to the forest to find Hoysala Kingdom, this is beginning of Chapter 3 Homecoming. You can also check out our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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