Chapter 3: Homecoming - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

Chloe and Nadine escape Asav’s soldiers in the Chapter 2: Infiltration and reach an exotic forest which has Hoysala ruins, but it is heavily guarded by Asav’s soldiers. After cinematic Chloe’s treasure hunt begins and also the Chapter 3: Homecoming of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The Lost Legacy Homecoming

Homecoming Walkthrough

Drive through Forest:

Forest 1 Forest Ruins Gate

After talking to Nadine, you have to go near the car, below the mountain. The car is on your right side. you can click a picture here. Walk from the left side, pass through the grasses until you see a fallen tree. It will fell down, jump on your right and you will land on mud, glide below and then you have to use the rope by pressing L1. Go a bit up and then run to the left side to reach an edge of the stone to climb up. Keep moving towards the life side until you reach on top. Now the objective is to drive a car through the forest till you reach the ruins. So keep driving through the massive rocks, through water fall and river. At the end, you will reach some flamingoes, drive on the left towards the rainbow there is a cave. Go through that till you reach the ruins gate.

Break the Ruins Gate 1:

Forest Ruins Gate 1 Forest Ruins Gate 2

The door is locked, you will have to use the cars tow rope to break the door, but before doing that a bunch of soldiers will attack you, you have to kill them all, this time you will have a pistol. After killing them you can collect their weapons. Shoot them all and then drive your car through it. On the right side of the door where the soldiers came, there is an item on top, you will have to break the wall to collect the ancient pot. Come back down and break the door. Drive through that, ahead till you reach far end where Nadine will spot Asav’s army.  In path, you will have to cross caves and slippery muddy roads, drive through the corners to cross them.

Fight Asav’s Soldiers:

As you reach the spot, hide your vehicle on the right side below a massive rock with a tree. Then walk to your right hiding between the grasses. There are two on the right one is in the stone watch tower and second on the ground. If you want an easy gameplay then try killing them in stealth mode, if you alert them then you will be attacked from all corners. That will be a pain, there is a truck near the water fall, and on it, there is a crate where you can get weapons and bullets.

Enter Ruins Gate 2:

Forest Ruins Gate 3 Forest Ruins Gate 4

This will be a long fight when all soldiers are alerted, you can track their locations from the way you see bullet firing. After killing those all go back to your car. Drive it from the right end towards the gate which is ahead of the waterfall. Before opening the door you will have to climb up and kill one soldier on top, rotate the lever and drive in. one door will open on the top side you can walk in and jump on the wall ahead, then jump down to the vehicle.

After you enter Chapter 3 Homecoming is over, you can read our walkthrough on next Chapter 4: The Western Ghats or you can also checkout our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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