Chapter 4: The Western Ghats - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

The Lost Legacy Westernghats

In the previous part, in Chapter 3 Homecoming, Chloe and Nadine fight with Asav soldiers while heading towards the Hoysala Kingdom through an Exotic forest, after crossing the second gate in ruins they reach a new location which is Chapter 4 The Western Ghats. This is the first time you will see Map in the game. It will help you to locate towers and know your exact position, the Western Ghats is a big chapter, here you will have to visit three Towers. Tower of Axe, Tower of Trident and Tower of Bow and Arrow. After reaching these three and solving their puzzles, you will get access to a entirely new area, the waterfall with Two Ganes Idols, carved on the artifact that Chloe robbed from Asav. 

The Lost Legacy Westernghats

The Western Ghats Walkthrough

Map Pillar 1

Drive towards the ancient pillar in the forest area, you have to drive through the rocky area which is straight in front. You will have to reach the pillar to update the map, for the next objectives. Once you reach near the pillar you will see a lot of ancient ruins around. Go near the pillar and walk on the back side, there is a door climb up, follow the window and climb left. Then use the rope to slide around, you will reach another edge of the building. Keep going up, look around if you are not able to find a path, you will have to use the tree to swing on the other side before you finally reach a broken door. Go inside and open the doors marked with a small white circle. This will update new locations on your map, at the end come in the center part of the room and push the handle, you reach down.


On the map you can see three old fortresses, a pillar in the center that you just visited and a question symbol. Now you can drive to these three new locations.  One is in the North Tower with Axe symbol, second on South west corner Tower with Bow and Arrow symbol and the last one on South east corner, Tower with Trident Symbol. You can choose to visit these towers in your own format or you can try up below path. Only after visiting on all these three towers, you will be able to go to the one fortress that has a question mark, it is carved inside a mountain and leads to the treasure.

North Fort: The Axe Symbol Tower:

Tower Shiva Axe

Drive to the north part to reach this first tower which has an Axe symbol craved on it.  Just at the entrance of tower you will find Asav’s truck, pick the crate for some weapons. To break the door uses the car tow. After breaking the door go inside and at the front you will see a statue, and then turn right and jump far ahead, eventually, Chloe will fall down, now you have to swim below to find the path ahead.

Tower Shiva Axe 1 Tower Shiva Axe 2

Swim left and go into the water, swim through the barrow passage and cross the caves. Swim between the pillars and you will reach to another open spot. Climb up and pull out the Piton from the mountain wall. There are two of them, Chloe will throw one towards Nadine. No jump up and keep running on your left there is another wall to climb. Next, jump down in the water, and you will reach a spot with a lot of Asav’s soldier. If you alert them, then it will be really hard for you to take them down. So better dive inside to hide from them. It is best to take them down in stealth mode one by one.

Tower Shiva Axe 3 Tower Shiva Axe 4

You can just swim near and attack them from behind. You will see the meter on your right screen if it appears dive below. You can also dive below if you are spotted, the highlighted soldier will turn to yellow when this goes then you can attack him. Once you are done, swim straight, and climb to enter deeper into the tower. Look for the white spot on the wall, climb up and take the stair. You will reach a room with puzzles. Drag lever towards you and the statue will move, also there will be new platforms coming up from the ground. You have to watch for the huge axe.

The objective is to reach another side without getting hit by the axe. At your each jump the statue changes its position, it requires three jumps for the axe attack. The platform is arranged in 3 on the extreme left, three in center and 2 on right pattern.  So here is the solution: Below numbers are steps, from 1 to 9, arranged on the basis of platforms on which you have to jump. The safest one is center one where you won’t be hurt. So just follow the jump patterns on the basis of numbers below, each number is one jump. So you begin with the 1st jump on the platform and then jump ahead then right and so on. The 9th jump will be the end of this puzzle.

Room 1: Puzzle Solution for Room with Single Statue:

One Statue Puzzle

Room 2: Puzzle Solution for Room with Three Statues:

Three Statues Puzzle

After crossing it go backside, a spot to take some pictures. There is a door on your right go inside and there is another set of the puzzle which now has three statues. This one is a bigger room, all the statues will attack three jumps. But beware as you enter, jump on the first platform and then second on your right. This will help you to get an understanding of the Statue’s location.

Room 3: Puzzle Solution for Room with six Statues:

After crossing the 2nd room you will come into the third and final one with around 6 statues. This one will be a big one, but if you keep following the jump sequence numbers as mentioned below you can pass on easily. This time the puzzle is different, not all status have synced their attack.

Six Statues Puzzle

Once you are out you will see the final piece of a puzzle for this tower. Use the stolen artifact on it, and you have to arrange Shiva’s picture. X is to change the activate dial you are rotating and L to turn it. This one is a simple puzzle, you just have to rotate it to get the below image.

Shiva Tower Final Puzzle

After solving up to the puzzles of this tower, Chloe and Nadine will notice waterfall on a distant fortress carved inside a mountain. Now you have to head to the second tower, the one with the symbol of Bow and Arrow.

South West Fort: The Bow & Arrow Symbol Tower:

Bowarrow Tower

Get back to your car and drive to the next tower which is on the southern west part of the map.  You will find Asav’s truck at the entrance you can pick it to get weapons. The door is locked, you have to use the car two to break it. After breaking the door walk inside. This one is the easiest of all, you have to just take down Assav’s soldier inside, and use the artifact to create the below image.

Bowarrow Tower Final Puzzle

Go in and walk right, jump over the rock and them use the mountain edges to move to the left side. you will hear the soldiers wise, take them down one by one. keep climbing up. There will be two of them at the start, follow Nadine then, you have to reach on top and soldiers will shoot you if you alert them. You will see a shrine where you have to reach, there are trees around that you can use to swing around and then climb up. Keep observing around you will see the marker for your next location. Finally you will see a big tree and a hole in the mountain, go through that and there will be many soldiers ahead. You will have to climb up in one of the shrines ahead to rotate the lever to unlock a locked gate ahead that will lead you to the final piece of the puzzle.

South East Fort: The Trident Symbol Tower:

Trident Tower

Get back to your car and drive to the next tower which is on the southern east part of the map. As you reach the tower, the door of this tower is open, there are lots of soldier inside. Best is to take them down in stealth mode without raising an alert. As you cross the door you will spot the soldiers talking around. Hide in the grass and kill them one by one.

Trident Tower Lock

After you had done with killing Asav’s soldiers, head to the main gate. As Nadine press and activates the lock, Asav’s soldiers will attack you. There is a sniper in the crate just outside. Use it to kill them all. There are four wheels you have to visit to unlock the gate.

Trident Tower Wheel 1

Wheel 1 Location: Just outside the gate, on the ground.

Trident Tower Wheel 2

Wheel 2 Location: Walk on the left of part of locked door straight ahead and look for water stream, there is a wooden structure on which you will find a wheel.

Trident Tower Wheel 3

Wheel 3 Location: Walk near the waterfall on the right side of the door, there is a stone monument, look on one of the walls.

Trident Tower Wheel 4

Wheel 4 Location: Turnaround from the place where you find the above one, climb up on the rocks near the waterfall and walk right. Keep walking till you reach at the end, climb up for the final one.

Trident Tower Final Puzzle

Once you are done with all the wheels, get back to the locked door. Now you will reach the final piece of the puzzle where you have to arrange the above image. And the puzzle to this tower is over. You will also have to fight Asav’s soldiers after you come out. You have to reach your car to drive to the final fortress.

The Final Fortress:

Final Fortress

Once you are done with all the three towers, head to the final fortress. The final fort is having a massive Ganesha icon over it with waterfall. It is a passage to Halebidu. 

So this is the end of Chapter 4 The Western Ghats, you can read our walkthrough on next Chapter 5 The Great Battle or you can also checkout our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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