Chapter 5: The Great Battle - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

The Lost Legacy Great Battle

In Chapter 4 The Western Ghats, Chloe and Nadine heads towards the Hoysala kingdom where Chloe to has go through three towers to unlock the passage to Halebidu. In the end (start of Chapter 5: The Great Battle) Chloe finds an artifact the Eye of Shiva that will lead her to the final treasure, but unfortunately in a encounter with Asav she lost it.

The Lost Legacy Great Battle

The Great Battle Walkthrough

Entering into Ganesha’s Statue through broken Crown:

After crossing the huge stone gate in the last part, you have to move ahead to reach the Ganesha statue. walk from right, this will be a long walk, you have to cross the mountain by hanging on edges and using the rope to swing far ahead. First turn right and walk ahead till you see the waterfall straight ahead, and then jump down. On left you can collect an ancient box, move right and then use the tree to swing across a cave in the mountain. You have to jump on the left towards the mountain edges, and then you can climb up into the cave.

Path To Ganesha Statue 1 Path To Ganesha Statue 2

From the right side of a cave, climb up on the mountain. Go to the top and jump on your left. Then turn right and use the tree to swing on the statue's hand. Climb up and then use the neck ornament to move on the left side. after falling down, keep moving on your left, and jump on the tree branch to reach the second hand. Go up and Nadine will help you to climb up.

Path To Ganesha Statue 3 Path To Ganesha Statue 4

Swing to the next tree towards the statue and then land near the hand. Climb up using the hand of the statue and go up towards the trunk. Now you have to again use the rope to swing towards the right hand. You will have to catch the bottom part of weapon the statue is holding. Next climb up towards the band by rotating around the weapon you will see a ring on the last finger, use that to go finally up. Keep going up on the top of axe the statue is holding up.

Path To Ganesha Statue 5 Inside Ganesh Statue 1

After going on top, you will see a tree on your right, use that to swing on the other tree on your left and then climb through the ear on top. Then climb up on the crown and move on the backside of the head. Finally, you will reach the cave the entrance into the statue head. Jump in and walk on the left cave.  There is another massive cave, land on Ganesha statue then take the tree on the front to go further down. The last platform where you will jump you will see a locked door. So go extremely below, and on the left of right of the door, you will see a hole in the wall.

Inside Ganesh Statue 2

Walk through that and you will reach a huge room with a locked door. Interact to unlock it and go inside. The next room has a fire torch in the center, on the right, there is a broken wall, jump and go through that into the next room, filled with skeletons. Go towards the door on the right, there is a light coming out from a broken wall. After going through that, in the next room takes right and you will reach a puzzle.

Shadow Painting Puzzle Solutions:

Ganesh Statue Puzzle

After pushing the level, a few pieces of puzzles will come up. There are two painting on the left and right. Painting on left portrays Shiva gifting Axe to Parashurama and the painting on right portrays Parashurama chopping off Ganesha’s tusk. There are three handles on left, when you press it, the puzzle moves. These handles are all around. You have to arrange them in a form so that it covers up both the painting with shadow. After doing this the door will open up. There are three handles in each four corners of the puzzle. Follow the below pattern.

Ganesh Statue Puzzle Solution

The numbers are the handles you have to pull, for example, the first one is Handle 12 that is on the left of Fire torch, and so the second and so on. In this way, you can easily solve the puzzle and unlock the doo for next operation. In the next room, Chloe uses the artifact that she stole from Asav, which changes into Shiva’s eye. After pulling out the artifact the building will start to collapse, the objective is to simply climb upwards before things fall down. Use the round structure to climb up and as you reach top jump towards Nadine. Follow her.

Ganesh Statue 1 Ganesh Statue 2

Escaping the falling building after taking Eye of Shiva:

Chloe and Nadine come to a conclusion that Ganesh’s Tusk the greatest treasure in Belur the old capital not in Halebidu. Move towards the right, follow the water stream, as you cross the stone wall, and use the tree to swing ahead on the next platform. Ahead you will find Asav’s soldier. Climb from your left, and as you jump down you will fall. You have to fight Asav's soldiers first. Protect yourself from the huge vehicle with guns, follow Nadine if you are stuck. Take down soldiers from a distant, the toughest one is the vehicle. Use the rope to save yourself from falling platforms. After dealing with them follow Nadine, inside the wooden monument. After falling down there is a path on right, go there in the on your left there is a cave, cross through that to reach another room. Climb the metal gate to reach a room with a broken wall.

Fight with Asav:

Asav Fight

Climb on the wall from where you can see sunlight, Asav will crash in and you will have to fight him now. This one is a hand to hand fight with no weapons. Now the objective is to dodge his attacks. Don’t try to hit him, it is of no use, if you keep taking hits you will eventually fail. Dodge all the attacks and he will throw Chloe and Nadine in the water stream. At the end of the stream, you have to use the rope to swing on the tree or else you will fall. Swing straight ahead, and Chloe will fall down.

Clash with Nadine:

Asav takes the artifact and both now decides to take it back. Follow Nadin. Turn right when you reach outside the mountain and climb up. Keep moving through the edges and you will reach a lever. It will open up a new area where you can see Nandi, Shiva’s gatekeeper. Nadine also finds Sam Drake in the picture. After fighting with Chloe, Nadine, lefts the place with the car.

This is the end of Chapter 5 The Great Battle, where in the end Chloe losses the important disc the Eye of Shiva, Nadine lefts her and she is now on her own. You can read our walkthrough on next Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper or you can also checkout our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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