Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

The Lost Legacy Gatekeeper

In Chapter 5 The Great Battle, Chloe, and Nadine reach a new area, a dual idol waterfall marked exactly on the artifact. This is where Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper begins, Chloe and Nadine have to enter the statue and later go all the way to find  The Eye of Shiva artifact. After Asav took it, and Chloe fights with Nadine on Sam's problem you have to free her, the thing you will do is enter into a huge Nandi statue.

The Lost Legacy Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper Walkthrough

Free Nadine:

After clashing with Nadine on Sam Drake’s problem you are not on foot. Keep running, you can come down from the right side when you reach a water fall. Glide through the muddy path, and swing from the edge of the mountain to land into the water below. You will reach a place with a river, turn right and climb up. Cross the Tree Bridge, and take stairs on your left. There is a locked door, you can climb from right, and inside you will find a crate with weapons. Inside the room, you will have to break the wall ahead using a bomb, go through that and hide in the grass below.

Gatekeeper 1

Now there are Asav’s soldiers in the area, you can stay in the grass without raising alert and take down the guards in stealth mode. So that you can avoid unwanted attention, the armored vehicle is in the vicinity it will be tough for you to manage if you are noticed. Begin with killing up soldiers on the higher grounds first. You can find a missile launcher from soldiers who are on high grounds, these can be used against the APC. The same can be found in the crates in the area. You can also use grenades. Finally, you will find Nadine, fight with the soldiers first and the move the lever, which will open a passage in the cow statue.

Nandi Statue:

Gatekeeper 2

Walk inside the statue, and take stairs on the right. You will reach a new area with a lot of plantations and waterfalls around. Keep moving down and on the left, there is a passage that will take you further inside the temple. As you inspect the cow statue on the wall, go right and keep moving through the narrow passages, till you reach to an open area. Far ahead you will see stuck elephant. Go on the back of an elephant, Chloe and Nadine tries to rescue the elephant. Ride the elephant, and pickup some plants on the path to feed the animal. This one is a short ride, the elephant will jump into a pond and you will be back on foot. You can click some picture here.

Take the path on the right of the waterfall, there is also an item on the right end side. follow the stairs go up and you will see some crates. There is an explosive and weapon in it. As the road ends climb from the right side, there is a small temple ahead, jump and you can click a few pictures. Jump on the left, go up and you can find a coin in the cave, there is another one straight ahead as you swing, you have to swing further up to reach on top of the mountain. Follow the same thing, until you see a huge metal rod and monkey, use the rope the swing further ahead, and go left.

This is the end of this chapter, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 7 The Lost Legacy or you can also checkout our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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