Chapter 8: Partners - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough

The Lost Legacy Partners

In previous part Chapter 7 The Lost Legacy, Asav took the tusk to sell it, and Chloe does not want that, she with her friends is now on a mission to stop Asav. This is where Chapter 8: Partners starts, all of them are determined to hit the rail roads and find Asav, who is going to trade the Tusk with Orca, against a bomb. This bomb will be detonated in the middle of city to spark a War. 

The Lost Legacy Partners

Partners Walkthrough

The Rail Road's:

After the chapter starts, get down, and walk from the right. Slide through the water stream and jump further down. Keep moving till you reach the tracks, climb up from the right side. at one point when you see a big water fall, slide down and then jump on your left side. you have to go up, not all the way sliding down. You will reach a path blocked by tree roots. Then follow Sam, as you fall, use the rope and swing to your right, near the waterfall. Pass through the caves and you will reach a metal gate. But there is an open area above, go up and you will reach the tracks.

Partners 1

Push the trolley, that will help Sam come on your side. then follow Nadine. Ahead Nadine will drop out a pipe, climb that up and go further up from left. Keep following Sam. Use rope to slide ahead and then keep sliding towards the waterfall. You have to now use a rope to go up and land into the cave. You have to deal with a few soldiers in the cave. After fighting them all, pass through the blocked cave passage after lifting the wooden log. As you came out the platform will broke, use the rope to slide down and keep moving till you hang on a mountain ahead. You will see the train just ahead.

Partners 2

Climb up, above the cave, where Sam is standing, you can hook a rope on the tower above, that will eventually fall. Now keep running ahead till you see the tracks. There is a trolley on left end, push it at the end and then push lever on right to change the tracks. Then pus h it towards Sam. Jump through the broken hole in the wall, there is a ladder on the right wall, Sam will climb up first. Next go out and drag the cart so that Sam can push the box over it. You have to switch the tracks after pulling the car, and then pushing it to the right side. Climb up over the cart and then Sam will pull you.

Partners 3

Fighting Orca and his Soldiers in Rail Road:

Now keep moving towards the left side, ahead you have to use the rope, but first jump on the mountain edge and then use the rope, swing to left and grab the edges of the wooden house. You can enter through the window. You will reach the rail roads. There are many soldiers in this area, you have to fight them off, and you can hide in the plants and kill them one by one. or you can shoot them off. this will be a long fight. watch out for bombs. There are ample of crates around which you can unlock to get weapons.

Partners 4

After fighting them off, go near the helicopter, and hook on it. You have to climb up to reach the door. Climb to the door, and Chloe fights with Orca for the tusk. After the conversation, Chloe finds out that Asav traded the tusk for a bomb.

Chloe decides to stop him, and so Nadine and Sam joins her, both now heads to towards the train to stop Asav from detonating the bomb. You can read our walkthrough on the last Chapter 9 End Of The Line or you can also checkout our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Wiki for latest guides and tips.

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