Where And How To Unlock All Characters In Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles

All Heroes

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has got in-total Eight characters to play with in the game but then you will also have to unlock these characters to get them on the floor. Each of these characters comes with a different and Unique set of abilities and due to which they all act differently. So now it’s your call, on how you form, your own team of three and decide that which of the formation is good for you and suits the best with your gameplay style. In this guide you will get to know how to unlock all these characters so that you can make you team the best, so let’s start the Guide.

All Heroes

How to unlock the full roster

Unlocking All the characters is pretty easy in the game, all you need to do is keep playing the main story and you will unlock each character at the story when you defeat the Mid-Boss of each world. Luigi is been unlocked when you defeat the Mid-Boss in the first world and Rabbid Mario is been unlocked when you defeat the Mid-Boss of the Second World.

Do keep this in mind that you can change you team any time by just getting to Peach’s Castle and using the Battle HQ, to change your party members. But remember this that leaving the chapter will cause you progress loss and it will be reset and you will again play those fights which you have already won. For the start you will be having Mario, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi.

Below mentioned is the list of all the characters that can be unlocked:

1: Mario


2: Luigi


3: Yoshi


4: Princess Peach

Princess Peach

5: Rabbid Mario

Rabbid Mario

6: Rabbid Luigi

Rabbid Luigi

7: Rabbid Yoshi

Rabbid Yoshi

8: Rabbid Peach

Rabbid Peach

That's all for this guide Hope it was helpful for you and stay tuned for such updates and do refer oyur other guide on Mario + Rabbids How to level up fast.

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