How to complete Scouting Patrol in the Farm in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is out now and there are many new things gamers are exploring worldwide. There is a new social space in the game knows as The Farm. In this place, you can find a hidden Patrol Mission called as Scouting Patrol. If you are unable to locate this and in this Destiny 2 Guide of How To Complete Scouting Patrol we will tell exactly the place to play it and with tips to complete lit.

Destiny 2 Scoutpatrol

How To Complete Scouting Patrol In The Farm

First you have to Load into The Farm, you can play with any character. There is no specific requirement.

  • Then go to the first Transmission Tower and then climb over it, go on top and then you will see a huge Wheel, climb it. 
  • You will see a roof nearby the wheel, pass through that and you will reach a White Transmission Building. 
  • Keep moving ahead from the roof, you will be walking on a set of wires that will lead you to the Last Transmission Building. You will earn Sentry Ranks x2 as in your path with Vertigo completed. 
  • Now go on the top of third Tower, you have to just get back to the wheel first. And you will get Sentry Ranks x4.
  • Once you earn the rank you have to locate the Bonfire around, go there and Start Scouting Patrol. 
  • After this as the Patrol starts, you will see yourself covered in red light and this will let you to jumper higher than normal. So simply jump and then activate Each Node, just look for the Blue lights around.

That's it, after you are done you had completed the Scouting Patrol. Well it is a kind of Mini-game that does not really give you huge rewards, but you can enjoy the quest. You can also read our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough and more tips on the game.

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