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Destiny 2 is launched and in this Wiki Guide, you can find full Destiny 2 Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks, Unlocks, Collectibles, and More. Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter with a campaign mode, you can play through a full story where you will be the part of Guardians who are defending their city against ferocious Red Legion.

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Destiny 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 1- Homecoming: This is the first mission that was released before, it is the beginning where Zavala attacks The Last City on Earth is attacked by The Red Legion.

The Red War: After Homecoming Red War is the main story of Destiny 2 Campaign, below you can find walkthroughs of different missions under this story.

  1. Missions:Spark And Devrim Kay: In these first two missions, you will unite with a GuardianSuraya Hawthrone and play her given objectives, thenDevrim Kay.
  2. Missions:Combustion And Riptide: After intercepting Zavala's signal, head to the Titan to secure the Control Center from the Hive.
  3. Mission Utopia And Looped: Meet Deputy Commander Sloane, your new objective is to retrieve Golden Age CPU and then help Zavala to locate Cayde-6.
  4. Sacrilege And Fury: In this part you will help Ikora to study Almighty through Warmind mainframe.
  5. Payback And Unbroken: After finding up Dominus plot the guardian team unites to fight against the Red Legion, you will be facing Thumos the Unbreakable to steal a Red Legion Ship in this part.
  6. Larceny, 1AU And Chosen Ending: This is the Ending of Destiny 2, your main objective is to destroy the Almighty the powerful weapon that can destroy Sun, and then face Dominus the leader of Red Legion.


Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 Trophies, Unlocks, Weapons & Collectibles Guide

  • Unlock All 14 Trophies: Tips to find 14 Trophies in the game, you can unlock them all but it will be time-consuming.
  • Unlock Coldheart Exotic Rifle: Tips to getto get Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2.
  • Unlock Sub-Class: Each Character has three sub-classes, in this guide you can find tips to unlock them.
  • Sunshot Exotic Weapon Hand Canon:Find the locations for Sunshot Exotic Weapon Hand Canon.
  • Coldheart Exotic Rifle:Get Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle which is part of Pre-order bonus.
  • Best Rare Exotic Armor Location Unlock: Do you want to know the benefit of having a Best Exotic Rare Armor and how to find it, then read this guide.
  • Unlock MIDA Multi-ToolMIDA Multi-Tool: Are you hunting for Exotic Weapon MIDA Multi-Tool, then in this guide you can find info about the same.MIDA Multi-Tool, then in this guide you can find info about the same.
  • Sturm and Drang: You will get access to The Strum and Drang in Relic of the Golden Age, one is Exotic Hand Cannon and second is a sidearm.
  • Best Legendary Auto Rifles: In this guide, you can find a list of Best Legendary Auto Rifles under kinetic category and tips to get them.
  • Best Legendary Pulse Rifles: In this guide, you can find a list of Best Legendary Pulse, with some tips on them.
  • Best Legendary Sidearms: Find out which are the best Sidearms, these are small but they can be highly useful when you are unable to use your primary weapons.
  • Submachine Guns And Where To Find Them: SMG’s are good when it comes to taking a lead. They are light and help you to move faster.
  • Best Legendary Hand Cannons: Hand Cannons are powerful weapons offering you a great a powerful shot to take down multiple enemies around. Check out tips on the weapon in this guide.
  • Traitor's Fate Legendary Sword: Traitor's Fate is a sword and it a part of the pre-order bonus. If you had pre-ordered Destiny 2: Deluxe Edition then check out the guide on obtaining the weapon.
  • All Shotguns Stats and Perks: Get list of all Shotguns, How To Get Them, Stats, Weapons Perks And Mods
  • Legendary Sniper Rifles Location: There are 13 different types of Legendary Sniper Rifles, in this guide, you can find their locations, stats, and perks.
  • Mask of the Quiet Exotic Helmet: Guide to unlock Mask of the Quiet Exotic Helmet for Titan Class.
  • All Sparrows Location:Sparrows in Destiny 2 are nothing but a handy mode of Transport, in this guide you can find locations to find them easily.
  • Exotic And Legendary Swords Location:Find all Exotic and Legendary Swords locations in this guide. Get the list of all Swords in Destiny 2 along with information on how to find them, their perks and mods you can try on the same.
  • Legendary Fusion Rifles Locations:DFusion Rifles are short range weapons offers a good coverage when it comes to mid-range attack. Check out the guide for their locations.
  • Cayde-6 Titan Treasure Location: Cayde Titan Treasure is located on Treasure Maps in Destiny 2. You can use the guide to get their exact locations.
  • Legendary Rocket Launchers Location: Destiny 2 has 8 Legendary Rocket Launchers, they can bring devastating damage to a large group of enemies and bosses. Refer the guide for locations to find them.
  • Legendary Grenade Launchers Location:Destiny 2 has 11 Legendary Grenade Launchers, you can launch bombs to kill multiple enemies in one shot. Check out the guide for locating them.
  • Unlimited Nightfall Time Cheat: Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2 are bounded in a time limit, but with a simple exploit you can just get this unlimited.
  • Best Weapons for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2: Destiny 2 has a series of weapons to pick from, many would be confused which one will be the most powerful to deal with when you are in PvP or PvE environment. In this guide, you can getthe best opinions on them.

Destiny 2 Co-Op Guides

  • Inverted Spire Strike Walkthrough:Inverted Spire is a cooperative event in Destiny 2 where players can team up and hunt down loots, enemies, and battle in a new location Arcadian Valley.

Troubleshooting Guides:

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