How To Farm Legendary Shards: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has replaced Strange Coins with the Legendary Shards and these Legendary Shards are essential to buy Exotic items from XUR. Now XUR accepts Legendary Shards to exchange them in with the Exotic items. So without wasting much of the time let’s start this Guide.

Legendary Shards

How to Farm Legendary Shards

Let's make it clear that Legendary Shards are not the planetary resources that can be farmed from a single given point. It is basically a currency, which is supposed to be earned. And there are many ways to earn them and Farm, which are mentioned bellow.

IMPORTANT: keep this in mind that only the (Purple) Legendary or the (Yellow) Exotic gear will provide Legendary Shards on Destruction.

Destroy Legendary Weapons and Armor

  • The best time to farm Legendary Shards is when you have reached to the max level on the Legendary Armor and Weapon. You can have Legendary Shards by breaking or destroying weapons and armor and for each piece that you destroy, you will get 2 Legendary. One can collect as many as they wish in their vault and then destroy the useless ones.

Strike Bosses

  • One can even get Legendary Shards by defecating the Strike Bosses and don't thing that you will also get one as getting the Legendary Shards is in a very rarest case.

Weekly Nightfall's

  • You can even get the Legendary Shards by completing Weekly Nightfall's.

Destroying Exotic Weapons and Armor

  • You will get 10 legendary Shards for each piece of exotic Weapon and Armor you destroy.

Planetary Chests

  • This one has rare chances but still try, as you might be getting a Legendary Shard.

Lost Sector Chests


  • You will also get Legendary Shards on Completing the Flashpoints.

Raid chests

  • Raid chest will also get you Legendary Shards.

Raid Encounters

  • Raids will also get you Legendary Shards.

That's all for this guide hope it was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more such updates and you can also read our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough and more tips on the game.

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