Combustion, Hope And Riptide - The Red War: Destiny 2 Walkthrough Part 2

Combustion Riptide

In the previous Walkthrough where you completed Spark and met Devrim Kay for some small objectives, get back to the Church once again to meet him. This will be the beginning of new Mission Combustion. In this mission you will be helping Hawthrone in intercepting a signal, which is from Zavala coming up from Titan. This will be your next mission Riptide where you have to secure the Control Center.

Combustion Riptide

Mission 3: COMBUSTION Walkthrough

Combustion Beacon

Devrim will give you a Comm Signal Booster, take that to Suraya Hawthrone. Go in the Map and pick Trostland Fast Travel Point. Go to the Beacon to start this mission.

Rendezvous with Hawthrone: As the mission starts, you have to meet Suraya Hawthrone, but there will be a massive fleet of Fallen’s in the path. They will be attacking you from all corners. You have to take cover behind between the broken walls where you spawned. Don’t rush in it will not work. A Fallen from the right will keep shooting you that will cause a good amount of health use a Sniper to kill it. And few one with shields will be ahead. Keep following the marker. You will reach a factory area with a board SALZWERK. Inside you have to fight with Fallen's.


Find Another Way To Hawthrone: Go the Elevator on the floor on your right, as the elevator falls, go to the gate around. You will gain face more Fallen’s ahead. Try taking head shots, it is the best way to take them with one hit.  So this part will be mostly similar to above where you will be fighting up the Fallen’s in your path till you reach Suraya. You will have to jump down once you are done fighting into a mine type area, cross that and further you will reach a huge cave. Fight with the flying drone type Fallen’s and jump down from the right end. Enter the cave on your right, and keep going down deeper. You will face more Fallen’s. Keep looking the blue pipes if you are unable to find path, one of them will lead you to a dark cave below.

Meet Suraya

At the end of mine, you will reach a door that leads to a path blocked by laser beams. Shoot the beamer in the middle of the right door. Then go inside and walk from left, you will find a device on the ground, shoot that and it will stop all the lasers. Look on the image below.

Mine Beamer

Walk ahead and you can jump between the laser beams ahead, or find those beamers and shoot them off. Take the door and then turn left and you will see the marker. That is an Elevator, to restore the power you have to kill the Servitor. It will be accompanied by many Fallen’s, you have to shoot them first, and then attack the Servitor. Try out a Sniper.  Then you have to take down a similar machine, but a bit more powerful Kiriks-16. Try a machine gun here. Always to stay in cover to dodge their attacks, it will give you a good time to fight. Also, keep changing your position. Get to the Elevator in the end, and keep shooting through the door more Fallen’s will appear.

Meet Suraya Mine

Exit the lift, and meet Suaraya Hawthrone at the end. Through the cut scene, you will see Zavala’s message for Titan. This is the end of mission.

The Titan: In the next cut scene you will see Dominus is interrogating a guardian “Speaker”. After the cut scene ends go in Destinations and choose Titan. You will see your next Mission Hope, where you have to find Zavala.

Mission 4: HOPE Walkthrough

Secure The Control Center: After landing on Titan, you will hear Zavala’s transmission of Control Center being overtaken by the Hive, you will be at Sinking Docks. You have to secure the Control Center. Keep moving ahead jumping between the docks, till you hear the voice of Deputy Commander Sloane. Follow the blinking lights, below the dock columns. Get inside in of the metal columns in the end and break the weird cover.

Sinking Docks

Go up, and keep moving ahead, keep following the lights and you will enter into a dock with huge sign KEMPHAAN.  As you enter the Restricted Zone of Sinking Docks, you will hear voices of enemies and this is the time you start fighting. The objective is simply to kill all the Hive creatures inside and secures the dock. For a horde of enemies, use your Special Sub-Class ability. As you come out of the dock, walk from left and keep running ahead through the broken metal paths. Again you have to face a bunch of aliens till your path to Control Center. Try to use Super Ability only when there is a group of enemy charging towards you. In one of the rooms on your path, you will also find a Power Weapon Grenade Launcher Penumbra GSm.

Control Center

Go near the Control Center and deploy the Ghost, then shoot down more enemies in the area, you have to clear the area, now and there will be a lot of coming up. So this will again be the last phase of a fight with the Hive creatures once the Control Center is secured. From the location where enemies are coming up on the right you will find the Hives Eggs.

The Hive Egg

Clear out the Hive Breeding Ground: Destroy them all, you have to be careful here, as this is also the spawn point for enemies. This is the breeding ground, you will see the percentage of destroyed area on your left top. Shoot the yellow eggs and it will increase. Once done kill the remaining enemies in the Nest and ahead in the dock.  In the end, you have to look at all the corners and kill all the Hive creatures, they will spawn a lot this time from all corners, So be ready to use your Special Ability, after Super Charge. Once done Zavala and Command Sloane will reach the dock.

Rendezvous with Zavala: Follow the marker for the next cut scene. Zavala will talk about Generators. This will be your next mission RIPTIDE.

Mission 5: RIPTIDE Walkthrough

Restore Power to the Station: Zavala will ask you to restore powers of Wave Energy Converters to power up the stations. This one is a small mission, so after accepting the same you can start from the Dock directly. Commander Sloane will tell you about the generators, for which you have to move ahead in the dock from the place where you spawn. It is a straight forward path filled with Fallen's.

Fallen Dock

There will be a lot of them around on The Rig, along with an alien machine that will keep on constantly shooting up energy obs. It has high health, try using different weapons on it, and take cover when it shoots.  It will block your path, so after destroying walk ahead. As you move ahead in the rig, you have to walk through narrow passage infested by the Hive. You will reach a room with Terminal to activate the Wave Energy Convertors.

Generator Terminal

Commander Sloane will next ask you to access the Convertors manually by moving the jammed Pistons. So go right from the terminal. Shoot the red blinking lights below before landing, there is another one on your right just ahead of round door. As it opens up there will be more enemies ahead, and path with laser beams, throw a grenade to move ahead. Jump down to Tidal Anchor, shoot the enemies in your path. You will reach a bridge 01, but the path is blocked by Hive creatures, pass through that and cross Bridge 02 and head to Converter Platforms. You have to repair two Converters.


Jump ahead and then go up, you will see an entrance into the big column, shoot the black material all around the area. Break that and it will start. For the next one follow the marker, you will also get an upgrade point in the path of the second converter. You just have to break the hive junk. Then go back to the central platform, you will encounter Wizard and Acolyte in your path. Try to run back if they charge you so that you can save yourself from dying, and then you can return and attack them. Once cleared go to the Switch and flip it. This completes the mission.

So this is the end of two main missions of The Red War Campaign, Combustion and Riptide, you can read our walkthrough on the next Two Missions Utopia And Looped or you can also read our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for tips and updates on the game.

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