Payback And Unbroken - The Red War: Destiny 2 Walkthrough Part 5

In the previous Sacrilege And Fury, the guardians found Dominus plot against them, and they unite to take on the Red Legion. At the farm, you can meet all the four guardians for a different type of events. But for the main story Payback, you have to pick The Gulch from Destination.  Next, you have to head to the carrier command deck and find Thumos, defeat him and get the key codes.

Payback Unbroken

Destiny 2 Mission 10: Payback Walkthrough

Get to the Shipyards in the Red Legion Base:

Head to The Gulch, at EDZ where you have to attack a Red Legion base. You will have to reach Level 15 to play this mission, if you are low then you play world activities, strikes, or Crucible to gain level.  As the mission begins to head to the Shipyards. Shoot down the soldiers in your path and enter the facility. As usual, your path will b e blocked by the enemies, so you have to slowly move ahead.

Advance to the Red Legion Carrier:

Payback Tank

Take the tank and advance ahead, wait for enemies to reach near each other and then shoot, in this way you can easily kill a number of them.  Exit the tank and then once you reach a mark where you can get another one. fight with Red Legion plane, then turn right and shoot a group of soldiers. After fighting a plane on your left, you will reach the next spot for a new Tank. You have to keep on driving, till you reach a massive yellow door. Enter from the right side, and face some Legendaries, next will the Phantom with shields.  After crossing through the doors and dealing with the enemies, you can open the door. Enter into the tank once again, and drive in.  You will be in The Tunnels, the full area is filled with enemies, tanks, and war ships. Fight from a distance to avoid much damage.

Tank Bridge

Now to activate the bridge that will let you pass with your tank, you have to go above from the right, it will activate the bridge and you can drive through. For the terminal to activate it go up, and fight with the enemies. Then activate it. Get down and drive ahead,  after a huge fight you will finally enter a large area, if your tank has taken too much damage, then you have to turn get another one. look for the tank signs around. You will have to keep on running towards to pick new tanks, multiple times due to the high amount of enemies attack in the area. Drive ahead and you will reach near the carrier.

Disable the Red Legion Carriers Shield:

Red Legion Ship

Get a new tank before going towards the carrier, and drive near to it, shoot the enemies you will see in your path. Shoot the generators around that are shielding the carrier. Use your tank and shoot the generators from another side, shoot both of them one by one.

Ground the Red Legion Carrier:

Fight the enemies around, you have to shoot the back side of the ship to ground the carrier, there will be a massive tank which will block your way. After taking it down exit the tank and the objective will be completed.

Destiny 2 Mission 11: Unbroken Walkthrough

Find Thumos, the Unbroken:

You will be heading to Sunken Isles at EDZ, to find Thumos the Unbroken, you have to take the key codes from him. Enter the carrier, as you start you will be stormed by enemies in the ship. So you have to be prepared for this. The objective is to Storm the Deck that is filled with Red Legion soldiers. This will be a long fight, so getting yourself prepare before beginning this is required. the deck is the big place, there will be attacks from all corners. So first try finding a cover, so that you can slowly attack those which are easy to kill, then go ahead with the shields on.

Ship Bridge

In the above image, is the location where you will see a few consoles around, use the ghost to get the ship map after killing the enemies. Climb on the ship and then jump into the barrow passage just above the ship. You will cross Echion Control and as the gate opens up be ready to shoot down the enemies. The war beast will be the most annoying one I this part. Turn around and on your right, you will see a vent, shoot on it to break it and then walk through the vent to go on the other side. This new area is also filled with a lot of enemies, after killing, jump up and cross through the vent. You will see the Red Legion Ship taking off, this is the place where you have to fight them off. There is a door on the right.

Door To Unbroken

As the door opens up, go a bit back and take cover, and then you will see a Blood Guard with security. Stay behind, you will get some help. Shoot down the remaining enemies in the area, keep moving ahead till you reach Command Deck.

Break Thumos, The Unbroken:

The final fight of this mission begins, as you enter, you will see Thumos with his allies, and he is having a pretty large health bar. So you have to try out everything you have. He will also keep coming near you, try to maintain a distance at all possible cost. You can run round and round and let him chase you, then turn around shoot and throw grenades on him. In this way you can dodge his attacks, as well you have enough time to attack him. Thumos attacks are lethal, try to skip them at all cost. Also, keep shooting up the smaller enemies in your path. Energy or Kinetic weapons will help you a lot against him.  After defeating him the mission over.

This the end of Payback And Unbroken, after you get the ship, next you will be heading to the Last City, to face the Almighty. You can read our walkthrough on next missions or you can also refer our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for tips and updates on the game.

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