Larceny, 1AU And Chosen - The Red War: Destiny 2 Ending Walkthrough

In the previous Payback And Unbroken, the guardian was able to get a carrier that can take them directly to the almighty. Next, in this Destiny 2 Ending walkthrough, the guardians will first destroy the Almighty weapon and then take on the leader of Red Legion to restore peace back on Earth.

Larceny Choosen

Mission 10: Larceny Walkthrough

Steal Thumos's Ship:

Thumos Ship Almighty

You will be heading to Sunken Isles to finally get the ship. Once you are done dealing with Thumos, you have to take his ship. There still will be enemies in your path, you have to fight your way towards the ship. You will reach a room with a lot of enemies around, shoot them all and then head to the landing pad. You have to reach the ship, again you have to make your all the way by killing the enemies in your path. This will be a long walk, till you reach the landing pad. The ship is also heavily guarded. There is a panel on the right of ship, use your Ghost.

Protect the Ship at all cost:

Thumos Ship 2

While the ghost tries to hack into ships control, you have to protect it from the enemy attack. So stay somewhere near, mostly the enemies will be coming up from one part. You have to shoot them up before they reach the ship. This is going to take some time. Keep a watch on your Super Charge ability, it will help when the higher number of enemies reaches near you. Try out a sniper to shoot enemies at a distance. Once done, board the ship.

Mission 11: 1AU Walkthrough

Find and disable the Almighty's Weapon:

Almighty Bridge

The ship will take you to The Almighty the massive weapon that can destroy the Sun. After landing on the weapon, you have to find its core and disable it. The place is filled with enemies, they will be everywhere, so walk slowly and follow the fuel stream.  Ikora will ask you to disconnect the link between the weapon and Sun. so move ahead shooting down enemies and you will find a terminal for a bridge so that you can move ahead. The Bridge will talk you ahead but also there will be a ship that will drop a lot of enemies in your path. After taking them down you will reach Mineral Processing, follow the tunnel that will take you to the core.

Radioactive Globe

After you reach near the Core, pickup the fusion cell and put them in the machine just behind you. When you do that the gate on your left will start moving. More enemies from far will drop in to attack you. After killing them all walk straight and from left enter into the second tunnel. A door will open up on your right, and a bunch of enemies will spawn right in front of you. Shoot them.  You have to get outside, try to stay in Shadows so that you won’t be burned to death. Far ahead you will see enemies behind cover, shoot them, and then proceed. Stay in shadows so that you get some health bar filled back and then keep moving ahead. Take the door on your right and fight a few more enemies inside. Climb up and follow the path with red lights. After walking ahead, you will reach tubes, with enemies guarding the place.

Almighty Tube

Fight them off first, and then walk into the tube. You can run skipping the enemies if you want. Follow the huge pipe, shut down the guards, and take the Interceptors. This is small aerial tanks, pretty powerful. Use one of these and keep moving ahead. You can get a new one in your path.

Sabotage the Almighty's Weapon System:

Almighty Core

At the end, you will reach near the thermal exchangers. Shoot them, one is at the entrance and second on the right end side. You will have to shoot the open area so it stops working. Just turn around of the last one and shoot down.

Deliver the final blow to the Almighty's Weapon System:

Almighty Fusion Cell

After destroying the third thermal exchanger, leave the tank, and walk right. You will see a Fusion cell, pick it up and walk ahead towards the marker. You have to run through the hot pipes so wait to get a full health bar, and then throw the cell into a blue hole.

Escape Almighty: Once you are done, run towards the marker to escape the weapon. This will be the end of this mission.  In the next cut scene you will see the Guardians attacking Red Legion in the Last City.

Mission 12: Chosen Walkthrough

Rendezvous with the Vanguard: After the cut scene, you will land into the city. follow the marker and keep running ahead to meet Vanguard. Keep moving ahead, you will have to take down a few enemies in your path. As the gate is open, keep running ahead and you will see a second energy barrier. The area is filled with enemies, take high grounds to shoot them up. You have to keep fighting till the energy barrier is down. Once done run through it. You can keep doing this skipping the enemies if you want. Walk through the building roofs, and finally at the end you will see all the guardians.

Save the Traveler: As the guardians are hurt, it is now on you, to make a final jump and save the traveler. The teleporter will take you in Ghaul’s command ship. Again this ship will be filled with a lot of enemies, the numbers are high this time, and it is not possible to kill them all. You can run through them if you want to reach near the Traveler. At the end, there will be a Final Guard  Straff blocking your path. Try to attack by taking a good cover, retreat for a while if your health is low. Once done kill it, take the lift. You will reach near the Traveler, walk ahead and you will see Dominus. He will be the final boss.

Defeat Ghaul: This will be your final fight, Ghaul can charge you with lethal attacks, so take cover. Don’t stay in his range. His health bar will fall slowly, so you have to stay in the battle for a long time. keep running around and shoot with an Energy weapon. Try to get head shots, this will draw out his health fast. Your Super Charge ability will one of the most required things now, and fortunately, there is a Super Charge panel that you can use to take him down really fast. He will retreat and appear back again with some health gain. Keep on using your Special Ability. You will be able to take him down.

The end of Ghaul will be the end of this game. Watch the final cut scene. So here Destiny 2 Campaign The Red War ends. You can checkout refer our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for tips and updates on the game.

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