Destiny 2 - 13 Things That Will Unlock Exotic Weapons, Engrams and Armor For You [How To]

The best things you Get or Obtain in Destiny 2 is Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Engrams. There are multiple ways to get these three important things in Destiny 2 and in this guide we are going to show you a total of 13 ways to which you will be able to unlock Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Engrams in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: What To Do To Unlock Exotic Weapons, Armor and Engrams

13 Things Which Unlocks Exotic Weapons, Armor and Engrams

1: Campaign/Story Mission

This is the straightforward way of getting Exotic Armors and Weapons in Destiny 2. Play the campaign mode in Destiny 2 normally, and go step by step clearing the objectives, missions that comes your way. Doing this will give your charactes a chance of having multiple pieces of Exotic Armor and Exotic Weapons.

2: Unlock Them Using Tokens And Other Reputation Items

The stuff that you earn while playing on the EDZ, Titan, Nessus, and IO and then exchanging your Tokens, Shards, and the other Reputation items with the Devrim Kay, Failsafe, Sloane, and Asher Mir, will let you have some of the Random Exotic Rewards.

3: Tower Vanguards

Rank Up Zavala with the Vanguard Tokens that you get from the Strikes and replay the missions memories to rank up Ikora. Both these actions will let you have some Random and Exotic Rewards.

4: Treasure hunt from Cayde 6

Try collecting 5 Maps per week from Cayde 6 and the treasure that you get each time will be having some chances of having an Exotic Reward.

5: Exchanging with Gunsmith

Heading up to the Gunsmith and giving your weapon and armor materials, may have you high chances of having Exotic Reward.

6: Decrypting at Cryptarch

When you decrypt the Legendary Engrams at Cryptarch, you give yourself a chance (although not a sure shot chance, just a small chance) of having an Exotic Reward in return.  

7: Tess Evris and Bright Engrams

Once you have reached level 20 you can have Bright Engrams and exchange them for Exotic Rewards with Tess.

8: Crucible Matches

After you have completed the Crucible Matches, get the crucible tokens to Lord Shaxx. There is a possibility that you will have a random Exotic Rewards on leveling up or completing the match.

9: Exotic Weapon Quest Successful Completion

Completing the Quest in the In-Game will help you in having some of the Exotic weapons like the Mida, Sturm and Rat king.

10: Clan Participation and Hawthorne

You can decrypt the Luminous Engrams into the Exotic Armor and Weapons. The other way in this category is: as a Clan member make sure that you reach your weekly participation milestones. This will result in rewards and it could be random Exotic rewards.

11: Public Events

Heroic Public Events - this is the one thing that will provide you with the HIGHEST chance of exotic engram drops. Wait, this is not all - Heroic Public Events is also the fastest method in Destiny 2 for "farming" the exotic engram, that too in quick succession i.e. the moment it drops you can farm it. The normal Public Events will also drop but at a very lower rate.

12: Dealing with the Strikes

Complete the Nightfall Strike and you get yourself a high chance of having an exotic reward. Regular Strike also offers the chance of having a random exotic reward after completion, but the chance is small.

13: Quest And Adventures

While you are on the search for the Quest and Milestones and you get to know that the Reward listed is as "Powerful Gear", then that means that it has a high chance that you will be getting a Random Exotic Reward. This is not limited to just the Quest, including Adventure Quest (after completion).

That's all for this guide hope it was a help to you, if there is anything to add to this guide please feel free to write it in the comment section below and we will try our best to add it. And feel free to read our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough and more tips on the game.


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