9 Leviathan Raid Secret Chest Location Walkthrough - Destiny 2

Where to find all 9 Secret Chests in Leviathan Raid? There are 9 Secret Chests in Leviathan Raid and they offers you tokens along with legendary and exotic engrams. These chests are nicely hidden in the game. Due to the prizes it offers it is worth to spend time in locating all of them. Below you can find the exact locations of all 9 Secret Chests in Leviathan Raid and the solutions you will need to access this chest. So let’s start with our guide on Where to find Secret Chests in Leviathan Raid (Location)

Destiny 2 Chest Location

All 9 Secret Chest Locations

Transfer Key Location:

Transfer Key Chest 1 Transfer Key Chest 2

At the beginning of the raid where you see the massive castle ahead, you have to jump down to a lower level from left or right just behind the guards. You will reach a room with 6 livers, 2 on each pillar from left to right. Press the lever in following combination: First, Fifth, Third, Second, Fourth and Sixth.

Transfer Key Chest 3 Transfer Key Chest 4

Once done, get outside, and go on the top of castle, and on your right you will see a narrow passage with pipes. Go inside, you have to avoid falling in the water. Keep jumping over pipes and the metal platform around. Once you reach the fan, jump on the left side. You will see another lever near the console. This will activate the fan, now jump on it.

Transfer Key Chest 5 Transfer Key Chest 6

Go up and the follow the path shown in the above picture, it will in your front side. Take left and another left, keep walking till you reach a lever. There are 4 watchers behind, if you are playing alone then use the Grenade Launcher to kill them as soon as possible or you will lose. If you are in a team then try to take them down one by one, stay away from the RED scanning light of watchers to avoid a security alert.

Transfer Key Chest 7

Walk around and in the room you can see the first chest that asks for Transfer Key. Unlock it for exotic and legendary loots.

Armory Key Location:

Transfer Key Chest 6 Armory Key Chest 1

To give you the exact location I will start with the final lever, that gave you access to the door to get the above chest. From the main door walk left, then turn left from end and crouch below narrow path.

Armory Key Chest 2

After coming out turn left, and take a right, you will see another Lever on your left. Again there are 4 watchers behind the door, the strategy is same, and you have to take them down as soon as possible, before they seal the door to chest. First watcher will be on the right of entrance, avoid the red lights.

Armory Key Chest 3

Three of them will be in the entrance area, one will be on the far right side. Kill them all first, and jump over far right, then walk straight and look on your left, there is a room where you will find the second chest.

Aqueduct Key Location:

Aqueduct Key Chest 1 Aqueduct Key Chest 2

Once again get back on the main door from where you enter for the first time. Turn right, and keep walking till the end, then jump above the big machines, towards the red light. Now walk left, and take the right entrance.

Aqueduct Key Chest 3 Aqueduct Key Chest 4

Go up and turn right once again, cross the machine room, and walk down. Then take first left, on your right you will see a cylindrical shape rolling machine, jump into it. Keep jumping over the metal platforms, till you cross it. Then from the end  jump on top right side and you will find the chest.

Engine Key Location:

Engine Key Chest 1

For this section, you have to get back to the place where you had landed after turning on the huge fan. On your left there is a passage that will lead you to the third chest. Cross the area with red lights, take two lefts, and on your right you will see the Lever, again there are 4 watchers behind you have to kill them as soon as possible to get the key. After killing the watchers go in the end of room on the right to get the chest.

Ventilator Key Location:

Ventilator Key Chest 1 Ventilator Key Chest 2

From the location where you find the above chest, turn around, and take a first right, then left. It will lead you to a massive fan area.  Jump down and you will see the fan moves and stops for a while. Then rotates back again. There is a control area just ahead, use that to deactivate the fan. Do the same for second one. Walk only when the fan stops. After crossing the second fan, jump on your left and you will see the chest.

Pipeline Key Location:

Pipeline Key Chest 1 Pipeline Key Chest 2

Jump down and walk towards the third fan on your left side. Deactivate the fourth fan and cross it. There will be a control panel on your right as you jump above. This will activate the fan that will lift you up. Now enter the door with pipes on the ground, it will lead you to the lever and door. Kill the four watchers behind to collect your fifth loot. This one is a pretty big area, so you have to locate all the four watchers first if you are playing alone. Two will be up and two will be down. After kill them you have to jump down,  locate the room in the above picture for the chest.

Irrigation Key Location:

Irrigation Key Chest 1 Irrigation Key Chest 2

Return to the place where you landed first after turning on the fan. The door you entered was having pipes scattered on the path, on right of that door there is another one with red lights. You have to know enter this one. Enter the door, take first right and jump down. Cross the purple area, and then follow the pipes ahead. Jump on your right at the end, keep going up, till you see the screens on your right. Cross the smoky area, by jumping on the platforms ahead, till you reach the last one on left. Go left, and turn right. Again take a left turn and jump down. Go at the extreme bottom  and turn right. Cross the big cylinders, and you will see a path ahead. Go till the end and jump above the pipes on your right. As up on your right you will see a pipe on which you have to walk. Go straight, turn right, take another right, and left. Jump on the right area. The chest will be on your right.

Conduit Key Location:

Conduit Key Chest 1

For this key you have to return to towards the pipe that you used to climb up to reach the above chest, the exact location from where you climbed has a lever on your right. Use that and door ahead will close, next interact it with once again and you will see the 4 watchers waiting for you to claim the chest. After killing the watchers take the path where two of them were standing. Turn right and first left you will find the chest.

Drain  Key Location:

Drain Key Chest 1 Drain Key Chest 2

Jump above to the main door, on your right you can see a passage with red light. It is a massive pipe, walk left, keep moving through pipes and turn left again. Take a right turn and walk ahead, jump down on the second level below, the door will be on your right. Guarded by 4 watchers, pull the lever and finish them off. Take care that you do not land into the red scanning light. Two will be on the right and two on left. After killing they walk on the left side and you will see the chest.

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